It would probably be a hard lift for me to do that, but can you imagine the confusion he would have during orientation realizing the job isn’t about guns, ATV’s and guarding our southern border?

Sometimes decisions in elections are hard, this one is pretty much a slam dunk.

By l3wis

3 thoughts on “I almost want to vote for the ‘Trumper’ Sioux Falls school board candidate”
  1. Well, no, the Trumper will probably want to have guys protect our schools, who will be on ATVs, with guns, who were trained near the border.

  2. If a Trumper gets on the school board, however, he or she might want to put most of the kids of color at certain schools, put a cross in a SFSD office window, name schools after former slaveowners, and name MLK and Native American Day holidays as merely inservice days….. OH, wait a minute…. Never mind….. 🙁

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