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UPDATE: Golf Contract becoming a real mess

The special NOON meeting of the parks board was held today (see below). It seems the contractor that won the bid, underbid the current contractor to win the bid, than intends to hire them back as the subcontractor. The problem is that the current contractor was unaware of such a deal and planned on turning in the towel if they lost the bid. The city also offered ‘salvage’ pricing for all of the equipment the current contractor owns, which isn’t sitting well either.

This is getting really messy, really quick. The city should just lease the property to a private golf company, and get out of the golfing business. (Full Meeting)

Good thing we bought that $300K Snow Cat Groomer

Great BEARran

You know what they say, always be prepared. Maybe the parks and rec garage could put a mower head on the front of it, may get more use that way (or better yet trade it in for a round bailer). And with all those BRAND NEW hydraulics we needed we could hook up other trimming devices to it. We could use it for Project TRIM. I just hate to see such an expensive piece of equipment sitting around collecting dust. Another prudent purchase by the city council with little debate. But hey, let’s debate for 45 minutes about a electronic church sign.

Another broken promise of the indoor pool?

Remember one of the big promises of the indoor pool? Water rehab for veterans;

The only reason I have been given from people at the VA Hospital for not using the aquatic center is that the two government entities, city and federal, can’t agree on how to fund it. Hard for me to believe.

Not me. The VA said from the beginning said they had no plans of partnership with the aquatic center, but city hall continued to peddle the lie. As you can see, just another broken promise.

Sioux Falls Parks Board Meeting, Nov 21, 2017

Every month the Sioux Falls Parks Board has a meeting they claim does not set policy or make decisions but they vote anyway.

AGENDA DOC (This includes the pool attendance numbers): 2017-11-14 Park & Rec Board

On November 21, 2017 was just another meeting of their denial. The Midco pool isn’t doing so well, the golf courses are losing money and now setting rates for the new managers to use plus we find out when the meetings are for 2018. This meeting of under 15 minutes was so important it had to start early?

I guess Mayor Huether was serious about getting entertained at council meetings

Read the Full RFP.

The City of Sioux Falls should build a modern new skate park

Sioux Falls Parks worker polishing a turd.

I can hear the hypocrisy calls already. I know, I know, I’m not a fan of spending tax dollars on special interest projects, but when you compare the popularity of skate boarding with the minimal cost it would be to build a new skate park, you will see my argument.

Skate boarding isn’t some ‘new’ trendy sport kids are getting into. In fact skate boarding has been popular since the 60’s (or earlier). My brother had a skate board in the late 70’s and one of my past work managers was featured in THRASHER magazine in the early 80’s. This isn’t something that is a trend, skate boarding is here to stay.

Also compare the millions we spend each year on Great Bear, swimming, bike trails, football, soccer, tennis and pickle ball (yes, pickle ball!).

Just take that last one for instance, did you know that since Huether has been mayor there have been several new outdoor tennis court complexes built throughout the city. I know it’s hard to tell when driving by them because besides McKennan Park YOU NEVER SEE ANYONE PLAYING AT THEM! Someone I know lives across the street from one of these new complexes and he has told me he doesn’t understand why it was built because he has NEVER seen anyone playing at it.

I live within blocks of the current crappy skate park, it is always busy. I even have seen kids skating there in November and February!

Another factor is that it wouldn’t cost much to build a new park. My guess is you could probably build a decent one for a million and really nice one for 2 million. Private donors are prepared to donate $500K to the project (you know, the same amount we gave to the mayor’s private indoor tennis complex).

One of the last arguments for the new skate park is that it should already be done. You can blame all the rat finks that still have sour grapes over the Drake Springs outdoor pool. It’s been over 10 years, and they still want to punish the entire neighborhood and city because Stehly did a petition drive. A little clarity for all the haters;

We are lucky we didn’t build an indoor pool at Nelson Park due to groundwater issues it would have been a maintenance nightmare, that’s not coming from me, that is coming from our consultant we hired to study pools in our city.

We were promised a much larger pool at Nelson Park than what we got (not sure where the money went? Maybe it was part of the secret siding settlement?), we were also promised a flower garden comparable to Mckennan Park in the old location of the pool which could be spectacular with all the natural springs in the area. And guess what else was promised? A new and improved skate park.

The skate park community also likes the Nelson Park site (Northeast corner) because of the natural slopes it would create a really cool skate park. Since the space is currently open, owned by the city, and has such great natural sloping it would also be the most economical area for the park. It is also truly ‘centrally located’ unlike Spellerberg Park, and much more accessible to kids. I think the city should just drop a cool $5 million, build a new skate park, floral garden and expanded parking in the old skate park location and turn Nelson Park into the city’s finest park. Drake Springs pool is already the most popular outdoor pool in the city (something the city doesn’t like to admit).

Though money is going to be tight over the next couple of years, a new skate park is one of the most economical upgrades to our parks system considering the millions we have spent on the river greenway which is just a landscaping handout to certain downtown businesses.

Besides the Bike Trail which is the true gem of our city and FREE, a new skate park would be the cherry on the top and used a lot more than all the empty tennis courts in this town.

I just suggest the skating community wait until after the Spring 2018 Municipal election before starting the REAL discussion. Besides Huether, many of his directors may be looking for new employment also. Might as well start fresh.

Park Board Meeting, October 17, 2017

Well here we are again at the special club meeting of the special people who do things we mere mortals have to put up with, otherwise known as the monthly search for the Sioux Falls Park and Recreation Board hangout. We found it at the Prairie Green Golf Course (of course) where we’re constantly reminded of tee times through the meeting. If this wasn’t enough, as we were recording the meeting we were treated to the flushing of toilets in the next rooms. What a pleasant experience.

We learn so much when we show up but yet learn so little. Normally when Cameraman Bruce shows up to these hidden city meetings there is never a handout of the exhibits for him, this time he just grabbed them as he could. We are posting the handouts in a PDF (DOC: 2017-10-17-Park&RecBoardso you can see how weak the numbers are at our ski hill and golf courses. We get to see how we’re getting a new park experience across from the packing house to commemorate the millions of livestock hoofs moved through the property in the past. At least the visitors will get to share the smells as they visit on little town on the prairie.

Isn’t it about time we look at getting ready to dump some of these toys? Even the special people are seeing how the screws are pinning them down.

Why was there no questions about the new marketing program (scam) results never presented to the Park Board dreamed up by Kearney?

It’s a smellabration and it really stinks. Our Park and Recreation Board shows it every month.

The Secrecy Cult

Guest Toon; Sioux Empire Podcast

UPDATE II: Another SECRET decision, the Golf Course RFP

Not even sure why the council even votes on this stuff;

Because its current golf course management contract expires on December 31, 2017, the City of Sioux Falls completed a competitive request for proposal process to select a golf course management company. The news conference will announce the company with which the City will negotiate a contract and why this process was important to undertake on behalf of the City and the golfing community.

If you are voting on a contract, shouldn’t you be shown at least the TOP 2 RFP choices and make an up or down decision from that? How can the council VOTE on ONE contract offering? What makes it even worse is that the RFP committee that picks the ONE choice is secret, and picks there choice in SECRET. Even with the press conference tomorrow, some councilors still don’t know who was chosen.


UPDATE II: Boy, these things change quickly, I am hearing now that DGM & GreatLife have neither been chosen for the golf contract. Not sure who it is, but I hear there were 5 companies that responded to the RFP.

To be quite honest, I’m more concerned about the secrecy than anything. I think there is too many damn golf courses the way it is, and with all the private ones popping up over the past decade, maybe the city should sell the courses and get out of the golfing business. Or better yet give them to the country clubs so we can finally build an east/west route from Kiwanis to Louise in the center of the city. It still amazes me we allow a few rich people in town to dictate the traffic chokehold we have on the west central part of our city. I would have used imminent domain 20 years ago to bulldoze them. But that would take courage and leadership.