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Dammit! How could I have missed this?!

Because there ain’t nuttin’ funner then hanging out with a bunch of wannabe young professionals. And when you are done drinking your glass of reisling you can go home watch Survivor and pretend that life is just ‘swell’ in Sioux Falls.

Mendelson, who works for Raven Industries, joined the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Network during a kickoff event Wednesday night at Cherapa Place.


“There aren’t a lot of opportunities for young professionals in Sioux Falls,” Mendelson, 22, says. “It’s nice to meet people with the same interests.”

That’s because there isn’t a lot of professional jobs for young people in Sioux Falls, unless you are willing to work your ass off.

“When you think about the Sioux Falls community, one of the major reasons that our community is successful is that people volunteer their time and are willing to get involved in what this community has to offer, whether it is the United Way or another nonprofit,” says David Fleck, chairman of the chamber’s board of directors.

Community Successful? I guess I do agree with one point of that, volunteerism is high in Sioux Falls, and for the most part, people are hardworking and proud people, so yes, I would consider that a success, but the low wages the business community pays only spells ‘success’ for the people who own those businesses not the people they employ.

The Christmas Toy video Amanda Taggart, 25, listed the benefits of attending as “seeing other opportunities, getting your name out there and meeting other people that want the same thing as you.”

I guess I would have agreed with Amanda about 8 years ago. I wanted to be a ‘young professional’ but I soon found out that unless you play the reindeer games, kiss ass and keep your individulism and political opinions to yourself you won’t make it in Sioux Falls as a ‘young professinal’ I even had a freelance client tell me if I kept my ‘liberal’ opinions to myself I would have many more oportunities and success. I told him I preferred being happy over being rich or successful.

So put on your D & G sunglasses and drink your Morgan Cokes while climbing the corporate ladder, I would rather be poking eyes then kissing asses. Though I do think it would be fun to attend one of these events wearing a Napolean hat – are we on Angry Guy?

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