Now that the vote is over.

As the Argus Leader points out, Mr. Lloyd is developing in the area where some new roads will be built, the same guy who contributed to Jamison’s, Litz’s and Brown’s campaigns this year. Even throwing a fundraiser for Brown at his house.

To the north, on Benson Road, the city plans a $2.8 million arterial from Interstate 29 to Career Avenue. Eventually, it will extend west past Marion Road.Craig Lloyd, who has developed office and commercial buildings on the south side of Benson Road, says there are 3,000 to 4,000 people already employed in the area. Another call center is going in next year, and the two-lane road can’t handle the traffic.

He also believes that growth reduces property taxes. Property taxes NEVER go down, they only rise, and continue to rise in Sioux Falls, one more reason why people are buying houses in Tea, Harrisburg and Baltic instead of Sioux Falls.

Developers and members of the city’s building community spent more than a year putting the package together and getting it through the political process. Lloyd, who marshaled about two-dozen supporters for last week’s council meeting, said it would be a mistake to assume that developers and builders supported the increases out of self-interest.

New roads will open more areas to development, Lloyd said. But that growth helps lower the property tax burden for all residents. Without growth, Lloyd said, the burden will increase for residents.

Then he goes on to say how he deserves to be heard. Yet he never approached the podium even once during Monday night’s meeting. But he got former city planner Steve Metli to go up and vouch for him. 

Lloyd said he’s tired of the implication that he and other supporters of the package were up against “the citizens of Sioux Falls.” “Last time I checked, I’m a citizen,” he said. “I pay taxes. I support the community. Am I a second-rate citizen?”

No, you are not – but we are.

7 Thoughts on “SF Developer finally speaks

  1. Ghost of Dude on September 22, 2008 at 6:53 am said:

    Interestingly, I have friends who may move from Tea to Sf because their taxes are too high in Tea – something about the town not being dense enought to support all its infrastructure.
    The way this town seems to want to grow, I think we’ll end up with the same problem.

  2. I think growth is important, but I also think maintaining our infrastructure and being fiscally responsible is important to. Slower managed growth is the way to go. I think we could come up with $20 million for new roads with the current budget very easily w/o raising taxes or fees.

  3. Ghost of Dude on September 22, 2008 at 8:40 am said:

    I think it would be wise to encourage more development in the empty spaces between roads that are already built. Maintaining roads and sewers is a lot cheaper than building new ones.
    This city has about 1/5 of the population of Omaha, but about half or more of the land area. Infrastructure gets cheaper per capita as density increases. Different modes of public transit become more viable with higher density as well.

  4. I said it during the council meeting last week, There is more money in new development and real estate then in redevelopment, that’s why developers are pushing for these NEW roads. Why should they care if current roads are maintained? They already made their buck on those roads, they have nothing to benefit from fixing potholes.

  5. Dear i3Wis: Again – leave these poor people alone – if they develop their land, goody for them! What’s it to you and your fellow hippies? He is a taxpayer as well, and with additional artery roads being created by us for him and his friends and family, they will even be paying higher taxes because now they will inch their way up into a higher tax bracket because of all the money (our money and theirs) will help them make. That is FAIR and Balanced Capitalism. Just look on what is wonderful things are happening because of our strong economy – even the government his now wanting to help us all out by taking over our financial institutions. Isn’t this great living in a free, capitalistic society>??? Just shut up and let our leaders make the money decisions and give them the money to make more money from our money, then it will trickle down to us as it did in the 1980’s (remember the post-disco years – they were the best! Uncle Rusty still have his cream-colored leisure suit).


    EggBert Tib. Fran. Icha. Goo.

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