One Thought on “Toilet Water governing

  1. Hey, Mr. i3wIs: If raising taxes helps our city build us new and improved toilets, then just pipe down and let him lead the city in the right directional flow. If our city’s sewer system continues to work efficiently and can be developed in artery fashions extending to houses outside of town, then my Granny Gumption will hopefully stop us from peeing in her special coffee can she stores under her bathroom sink. It is really starting to stink up the place. If we don’t pay more fees and taxes to help keep our poop in place (in the ground criss-crossing all theose cables and pipes and stuff…) then we will have to develop our own outside-houses and use buckets or coffee cans to hike and haul the tarry remains to the Bigger Sewer River where it all belongs…


    EggBert Tib. Fra. Ich. Goo.

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