San Fran Vacaction – The Beach (final set of photos)

When we got to San Francisco, this was one of the first things I got to see. The friend we stayed with lived about six blocks from the beach. Since the time we were out there was considered there ‘summer’ it was actually pretty nice (but very cold water). I would usually walk down there every morning and watch the surfers.

These are ‘Snowy Plovers’ they are endangered birds, so this stretch of the beach is a habitat for them and you are not allowed to bother them (mainly with your pets). They are pretty funny because they have skinny little legs and kinda look like quails with pointy long beaks that they use to dig in the sand. When the waves come in fast instead of flying away they run really fast in a group. They reminded me of chickens.


Yes they surf in this freezing water. I’m sure the suit helps, but it can’t be very nice on the head and feet. Yow!