Munson arrogant? Nah . . . just oblivious

I have a feeling as this recession deepens one positive thing will come from it, people will become less apathetic about our city government, as this letter writer did;

I called the Sioux Falls mayor’s office to voice my displeasure with the salary increases of city employees. In the course of the conversation, I was amazed by the attitude of Mayor Dave Munson.

You mean, how he really doesn’t care what you think? Or how he is ‘always right’. Or how you dare question his authority?


I voiced my concern on how many of us in the community have had our wages frozen or even have had them cut by our employers. I feel the responsible thing is for the city to be as reactive as many private industries locally and nationally have been.

Why would he do that? It’s not like you have a say in the matter, you only elected him and pay his wages.


Munson arrogantly wanted me to tell him what to cut. He explained in politician speak how the city has done everything it can and is obligated to continue increased expenditures to keep the city growing.

He would never ask me that question, because I would roll out a scroll that would stretch from the Federal courthouse to Falls Park. I would have told him, “Your chief of staff.” Would have loved to hear that reaction.

He and many of those in City Hall have forgotten the bottom line. The citizens of this city have less money, yet our burden continues to grow. Our family budgets get tighter and tighter, yet government continues to grow “for our sake.”

All the while forgetting who is funding the city government.


Just for once I’d like to see a politician be reactive and not proactive.

Or at least use there fricking brains.