I had to chuckle

I’ve missed KCPO’s Neo-con spout session ‘The Faxts’ over the past few weeks. I tuned in tonight, and I see somethings never change.

They had guest David Owen, President of the SD Chamber of Commerce on talking about the evils of the Employee Free Choice Act (imagine that). I won’t go on and on about how ironic it is a guy who represents employeers is against organized labor (gee, duh). But there was something that made me laugh that David said;

(Paraphrasing) “You know, when you pay union dues the union’s use that money to be politically involved, and they are very politically involved (he made the assumption that Unions lobby Congress-duh).

I laughed because David’s group charges his members dues to, to do the exact same thing, and guess who is the biggest lobbyist of Congress? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

So what are you saying David? That you are big hypocrite?

The second part of the show was about the upcoming Tea Party at Covell Lake, I laughed at so many dumbass statements during the segment, I don’t know where to start, so I will leave you with one, “We will be written down in history books for this event.”

Are they filming the next Jackass movie during the event?


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