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So what’s the connection between Sioux Falls Democratic Mayor Huether and a voting rights lawsuit in Jackson County?

We will get to that in a moment, but a little background;

Jackson County is spending one and a half million of your tax dollars (not their local dollars, but yours, South Dakotans!) to keep Lakota people in Wanblee and other Indian communities from enjoying similar access to early voting as white folks near Kadoka enjoy. Dennis Olson, chairman of the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance that is footing the bill for Jackson County’s racist resistance, calls the Lakota lawsuit for a satellite early voting center “frivolous” and “just one of those things you have to put up with.”

Don’t tell O.J. Semans that fighting for Indian voting rights is frivolous. Semans, the executive director of Indian voting rights advocacy group Four Directions, takes issue with Olson’s seeming disdain for Indian voting rights

See, they are taking this lawsuit money from the Assurance Alliance (Sioux Falls taxpayers are the biggest contributors to their funds) to fight giving voters in Jackson County around $20K in HAVA funds that already are sitting in an account at the SOS office. Sounds pretty idiotic? Right? Unless of course you are someone who doesn’t like Native Americans and don’t think they should vote, you know like a lot of those West River Teabagging Republicans. So you ask ‘where does a good Democrat like Mayor Huether fit in to this picture?’ You would think as an upstanding member of his party he would put his foot down and tell the SD Public Assurance Alliance to drop the suit because Democrats across the state believe in voter equality. But I’m sure you are asking, why would the SDPAA listen to him? Gee, I don’t know, because he appointed two of the Board Members to the Alliance; Mike Hall, Director of Risk Management for the City of Sioux Falls and Secretary of the Alliance and Tracy Turbak, Director of Finance for the City of Sioux Falls. The mayor has a little (a lot) pull in these matters.

Some may say, “Well maybe the mayor has tried to intervene, or at least try to get his appointments to intervene.” I don’t know. Maybe he has, but it doesn’t seem he has been to successful if that was the case. Then there was a certain ‘incident’.

See, when this all started, O.J. Semans asked to have a meeting with the mayor to discuss the case and to see if the mayor would speak with the Alliance about dropping this silliness. After not being able to get an appointment, O.J. did what every good determined person does when dealing with government officials, he showed up in person to the mayor’s office asking to have a few minutes with the mayor, assuming of course he knew why O.J. was there. Seems like a pretty big deal? Right? Why wouldn’t the mayor just hear him out for at least 5 minutes? After a back and forth with the Mayor’s secretary, O.J. was still refused the meeting. So back to square one.

So apparently our good (Democratic) mayor thinks it is more ‘prudent’ to blow $1.5 million of tax dollars on a frivolous lawsuit they will lose then to give already set aside Federal dollars to a couple of satellite voting sites in Indian Country.

The West River Teabaggers are either elated or really confused.

All we need to know about the Tea Party, AFP & ALEC; Koch Brothers

And Teabaggers wonder why we call them ‘crazy’


When Lora Hubbel was announcing her candidacy for Governor the other day, she said bloggers call her names. Lora, ever wonder why that is?

Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Billionaire Koch Brothers (H/T – Ruf)

I know I have wrote about the formation of the Tea Party in the past and their connection to the Koch Brothers, but this is a new revelation. Birds of a feather, I guess;

A new academic study confirms that front groups with longstanding ties to the tobacco industry and the billionaire Koch brothers planned the formation of the Tea Partymovement more than a decade before it exploded onto the U.S. political scene.

Far from a genuine grassroots uprising, this astroturf effort was curated by wealthy industrialists years in advance. Many of the anti-science operatives who defended cigarettes are currently deploying their tobacco-inspired playbook internationally to evade accountability for the fossil fuel industry’s role in driving climate disruption.

The study, funded by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institute of Health, traces the roots of the Tea Party’s anti-tax movement back to the early 1980s when tobacco companies began to invest in third party groups to fight excise taxes on cigarettes, as well as health studies finding a link between cancer and secondhand cigarette smoke.

UPDATED: Hubbel & Steele: Governor is endorsing anti-gun lesbian abortionist candidates

I just attended their press conference, which consisted of about 5 minutes of gay bashing and about 10 minutes of Obamacare rants (I thought it was going to be about the Doogard endorsing candidates?) Oh, they eventually got to that.

Dunsmoor from KELO-TV stated, “Bob Mercer told me that Governor Rounds endorsed Doogard for senate.” (implying that it has gone on in the past).

I asked, “Don’t you think all of this infighting between Republicans was inevitable since there are so few Democrats in Pierre – since it is mostly Republicans you now have to fight each other.”

Hubbel’s response was, “Well, there is a lot of Democrats in the legislature that are registered Republican.”

Uh, okay, De Knudson.

Then I mentioned that Republicans have been the majority party in Pierre for over 30 years, why not change the rules when it comes to ethical behavior and open government? Democrats have tried unsuccessfully for years and have been shot down.

Hubbel did point out she supported Initiative 10 (I did also) and an audience member did mention that two Republican sponsored bills last year were about open government were shot down in committee.

Do I think this press conference will change anything in Pierre. Nope.

Back to bugging the mayor . . .

UPDATE: Here is a copy of Lora’s latest Anti-Energy efficient light bulb mailer (click on images to enlarge);

I guess the Tea Bagger revolution partially got it’s start in Lincoln County. We should be so proud! (H/T – Testor & Helga)

This should come as no surprise that a Republican from SD is involved;

As expected, the swift boating of the President has begun and will likely continue until Election Day. God forbid Mitt Romney would actually engage on the issues. No, he just lets his surrogates make attack ads like this one which, by the way, do not mention any specific Navy SEAL with an objection but simply contend that SEALs object.

How convenient.

Here are some facts you should know about the Veterans for a Strong America, the 501(c)(4) non-profit group sponsoring the ad, via MoJo:

[Joel] Arends got his start in politics as a South Dakota Bush-Cheney field director in 2000. He’s currently the Republican party head in Lincoln County, South Dakota. Though he doesn’t list it on his public résumé, around 2006 Arends went to work for Craig Dewey, the state director of Americans for Prosperity, an advocacy outfit that’s astroturfed everything from the tea party and the Wisconsin union fight to public school segregation. (AFP’s nonprofit 501(c)3 wing is chaired by David Koch, who founded the Americans for Prosperity Foundation with his brother Charles.)


Guest Post: Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street, PART II

Movements of the human spirit and messaging control through history are at the root of ruling / political classes. The 99% must always be controlled. Look at the roots of the worldwide spring uprisings in 2011, the Tea Party, Occupy, civil rights and other movements. When you examine each of these movements, consider how each of them has very similar roots. Every person, when joining each movement, is doing so based in one or more frustrations.

Each of the movements mentioned above did not just happen. Some movements arise through orchestration and others arise as if by spontaneous combustion. I will let you decide how your favorite movement compares. Our value systems are based on deep-seated values, beliefs and coping systems derived from our backgrounds and the educations. How are we taught to deal with challenges to our belief systems?  Is your method avoidance, confrontation, analytical or somewhere in between? When economies fail or long held beliefs are challenged, people will respond using an existing organization or create their own, to express the frustration, anger or view.

The Tea Party was a creation of pollsters, political operatives and billionaires to capture low information people into an umbrella organization.  The descendants of Fred Koch, a wealthy southern financier of fear movements, has continued to follow their father’s lead and create bogus grassroots umbrella groups.  The Tea Party was created to look like a real grassroot movement, made to seemingly catch the political class totally by surprise so they would over react in response to it.  It was well controlled from its start by former GW Bush employees and their friends to gain more power over us the 99%. At the root of this movement is fear.  Fear is a powerful motivator and to move a process, the ‘real’ leaders must be well coordinated in how the message is responded to. Create an information vacuum by a complicit media. Only tell the planned message, followed by images easily digested, so low information people can be hooked. These low information fearful will band together to use the prepared one voice without regard to its origin or to the consequences.

As long as the Tea Party owners talked only fiscal issues, there seemed to be one simple to digest mission. As more people began to take the Tea Party concepts further to the right into unapproved areas, the movement disintegrated.  If not for the massive money contributed by the owners, we would not hear about the Tea Party any longer.  As long as there is complicity between the owners, corporate media, and lobbyists to continue to spread fear, it will remain out on the fringes, as if was real.  Think Citizens United and the 1% discussions and repercussions.  Consider in 2012 how our local Tea Party cannot even gather more than 20 people for a candidate’s ‘debate’ in Sioux Falls.  There were almost more candidates attending than voters.

What we do hear in daily life is an undercurrent of real frustration and pain, based on the collective loss of our Constitutional promises, rights and dreams.  We the remaining 99% still don’t have a place to express the many things bothering us.  We see and hear this pain from all regions of the globe, but we will find it only if we listen and look real hard for it.  Our national and global mainstream media, like our local outlets, is owned and controlled by the owners of the Tea Party.  If it is not part of their messaging, it must be ignored.  When the messages are found and discussed, the messenger is ‘conspiratorial’.

Each of us, our families, friends and millions of people we don’t know, has life challenges not being met by society.  Whether we like it or not, we all are interconnected in multiple ways, shapes and forms.  When we do join together in our schools, churches, jobs, bars or clubs we are doing it for the reason we showed up.  We each have our own reason but use the ‘join together’ to accomplish the need we have at the moment.  This is the Occupy movement.  The people who showed up arrived to express their own frustration, show their pain and try to find answers.  Look at the disorganized nature of the crowds, the hand drawn signs, the messages passed out to anyone willing to take and read and the mic-check method of broadcasting.  The original Occupy Wall Street gatherings like the Arab Spring uprisings were beautiful because they were spontaneous and uncontrolled.  Spontaneous and uncontrolled people strikes fear in the 1%.  The strongest true grassroot movements are created by people, expressing their collective frustration, just by being a mass of people just showing up.  A constant complaint of the Occupy is the lack of a single message.  Who cares?  It is not one cute message, hat or preprinted mass produced signs to hold up for a news camera to see.  The media does not know how to drill down the multiple messages into cute sound bites so the grassroot messages are derided as if a joke.

All great political shifts or realignments happen when people just show up.  The WW I Veterans Bonus March on Washington, DC in 1932 was one such event resulting in a political shift of massive change.  At the depth of the Great Depression, World War vets just showed up and many died at the hands of President Hoover and Douglas MacArthur asking for change.  FDR responded to the 1933 March by hiring the Bonus Army for the CCC and a New Deal was formed.  Americans trying to use free speech and the right to assemble overwhelmed the corporate messaging system and in return built a stronger democratic society for us.  Conversely in Europe, the continent was falling into fascism because the more easily controlled masses chose to answer the fear with totalitarian rule by an elite group of corporate and political leaders.  Remember the World War II result?

As a student of history, politics and human nature, I ask you to look at the list presented yesterday and ask which side of history you wish to be part of.  What is your plan?

Guest Post: Tea Party vs. Occupy (more to come)


1. One is top down leader structure, the other is bottom up leaderless

2. One is financed by billionaires, the other is broke with little money to continue

3. One excludes participants, the other takes all

4. One has support of mainstream media, the other is panned by media

5. One gets police protection, the other gets police pepper spray

6. One group gets to carry guns, the other gets guns pointed at them

7. One group rallies out of fear of the unknown, the other gathers to express faith in the system

One more reason why Shawn Tornow should be banned from public service

Just another knuckle dragger.

Not only does he know very little about the US Constitution, he apparently knows very little about evolution;

Tornow offered the sharpest criticism. The Common Core, assuming school districts across the country will teach the same things, “makes me very nervous,” he said.

“Quite honestly, I don’t care what they want to teach in California and New York when it comes to science. I don’t want to hear about their flawed theories of evolution.”

Yeah, who can believe we evolved from a monkey? Or are you still evolving?


Teabaggers UNITE!

Here is an email that Dr. Allen Unruh sent out recently to his fellow baggers;

Dear Tea Party Patriots;

Mitt Romney spoke at the annual Chamber of Commerce in Sioux Falls. Liberals and the Republican establishment are pushing hard to make Romney the nominee. They feel if Obama loses, he is the closest to their ideology of Obama Care,  and big government control as well as being the weakest on conservative cultural issues.   Obama promised everything and anything to get elected and then governed from the radical far left.

If Obama is ruling from the far left I would hate to see a real liberal as our president. He has much in common with GW Bush.

From Gerald Ford,  to Bob Dole to John McCain,  everytime the establishment picks the candidate it is devastating for America.   Why?  Because principles matter,  character matters,  the Constitution,  Bill of Rights and words in the Declaration of Independence matter.   Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.    George Washington warned,  “In questions of confidence,  let us hear no more of confidence in man,  but bind them down from mischief by the chains of the constitution.”    He said,  “Government is like fire,  a dreadful servant and a fearful master.”   At best it is a necessary evil.   Abe Lincoln said,  “Nothing demonstrates the character of a man more than what they do when they are given power.”   Man’s greatest gift is his power of love,  his greatest downfall is his love of power.”

This time our nation cannot afford to get it wrong.  We are on the brink of losing our country.  If we go straight socialistic there is no turning back.

This country has been socialistic for generations. The only reason why our country is in the shitter is because we chipped away at those social programs to supply tax cuts to the wealthy. We have become a shit pile, because the TOP 1% control this country, and throw bread crumbs to rest of us. And that is the very reason people are protesting;

The protestors in NY hate capitalism,  hate America,  hate the flag,  and are a mix of communists,  socialists and anarchists. They know every 4 letter word except SOAP and WORK.

Here is an eight letter word for you Allen; BULLSHIT! The OWS protestors are more of a slice of the American Pie then any teabagger is or ever will be.

If they overthrow the government where would they get their welfare checks?    The tea party movement has to make a decision who is the most conservative candidate who stands on principle,  and do everything we can to eliminate the most liberal candidate no matter how much money they have,  or popularity.    Not only is the future of America at stake,  but civilization itself.

Civilization has been in trouble for a long time, that won’t change because of few guys holding signs and wearing tri-cornered hats.

This information on Mitt Romney should be forwarded to everyone on all of your lists   We must start an aggressive campaign to inform the voters and remind them of his record.  The Bible says,  “By their fruits ye shall know them.”   We can’t look at what they say,  Look at what they did when they were in power!”

God Bless America,

Dr. Allen Unruh

“If you will not fight for your rights when you can win without bloodshed,  if you will not fight when victory can be sure and not too costly,  you will come to the moment when you have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.”   Winston Churchill

“By their fruits ye shall know them.” – I couldn’t agree more, accept the fruits of OWS doesn’t come from the multi-billionaire Koch brothers.