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“The Democrats are in charge and everything sucks!”

Billionaires’ Tea Party

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Ellis’ column proves what we already know, the Tea Baggers are a skitzo, hypocritical, misguided group

Ellis, the Argus Endorser‘s political reporter, wrote about a Tea Party poll today. I will point out some of the finer points;

Some results are predictable: The bulk of the tea party’s support comes from older, white men. Registered Republicans numbered 77 percent, while 13 percent were Democrats. It’s a generally religious group. Fifty-five percent go to church one or more times a week. And 48 percent think the Earth is 6,000 years old.

That last line should disqualify them right there to be a serious political group. After laughing for about 10 minutes, I broke out in a cold sweat.

Thirty-seven percent report having a bachelor’s degree or higher. That’s about 12 percentage points higher than the general population, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau results.

That’s why the 6,000 year old world argument kinda surprises me. Did any of them take any archeological or geography classes in college? Or at least picked up a copy of National Geographic in the dentist’s office? Have any of them seen dinosaur bones?

More than a quarter had somebody in their immediate family employed in government. Fifty-seven percent had an immediate family member who serves, or has served, in the military. Yet 76 percent favor closing some or most of the country’s overseas military bases.

Oh, but it gets better, not only do they want to fire themselves, but get this . . .

Almost half reported being on a government program, such as Social Security or veterans health care. Yet 80 percent want last year’s health care reform law repealed. Eighteen percent have an immediate family member who receives federal farm subsidies. Yet 47 percent think federal farm payments to farmers and ranchers should be left at current levels or increased.

Typical hypocrisy of these folks. They want government subsidies for themselves, but nobody else should get them, because somehow they feel they have ‘earned them’ which they have. Well guess what, anyone who pays taxes in this country (sales, property, income, etc.) deserves the benefit of a socialist democracy. I have never said I wasn’t willing to pay for a public option, my objection to private insurance is simple; the government won’t profit from sick people and secondly if I am paying into the system, I should be covered 100%, no arguments about whether I needed an ambulance.

There also was some distrust of corporations, which is a common element in populist uprisings. Just a quarter totally agreed that the U.S. Constitution gives corporations the right to spend unlimited amounts in elections.

Yet the Koch brothers started and funded the Tea Party movement. Do you think they are looking out for Joe-Six Pack Tea Party members or themselves? Is the Earth 6,000 years old? Boo Yah!

Yet 63 percent totally agree that the Second Amendment gives private groups the right to form militias to hold government accountable.

Bam! Bam! Shoot Em’ Up!

A political party, Masten says, needs underlying themes to hold it together. And it needs leadership.

“I don’t know that that exists for the tea party,” he said.

It’s pretty clear they have no leadership – just look at all of the contradictions.

Ohhhhh Snap!

Seems County Commissioner candidate Reynold Nesiba touched a nerve with Doogard last night;

A governors forum turned raucous Monday night in Sioux Falls as spectators shouted at each other and a candidate for local office was evicted from the debate.

Reynold Nesiba, who is running for Minnehaha County Commission, was escorted from the audience of 300 at the Holiday Inn City Centre after he interrupted a comment by Lt. Gov. Dennis Daugaard.

Daugaard, the Republican nominee for governor, was responding to state Sen. Scott Heidepriem, the Democratic nominee, by saying that management of the Valhalla retreat in the Black Hills “was not on my watch.”

“It was on your watch,” Nesiba interjected from a table near the front of the room.

Daugaard turned to Nesiba and said, “Reynold, did you have something to say?”

Were Nesiba’s comments inappropriate? Maybe. In that setting, but what he said WAS true and it seemed to touch a nerve with Denny, since he responded. Remember the Rounds administration isn’t a very big fan of Mr. Nesiba ever since he helped put a kabosh on Rounds’ personal plane trips on the taxpayer’s dime.

Here’s video from this ‘supposed rowdy’ Tea-Bagger debate.

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Stop choking your chicken (H/T – Hos)

Copy and paste;

South Dakota ‘D-Bagger / T-bagger’ of the Week; Tim Rave

“Hi, I’m Tim Rave, please believe my BS! Pulhleeeeeeeze!”

Who doesn’t love the jobs, jobs, jobs, BS spewed by Republican state politicians?

Speaker of the House Rave is also critical of the Democrats call for no more no-bid contracts and doing away with tax breaks for projects like the TransCanada pipeline.

“Interesting they bring up TransCanada, the company that’s going to bring multiple jobs and money into our state by running a pipeline through the state,” Rave said.

What jobs are you talking about Tim? Environmental cleanup? Once the line is buried, done deal. No jobs. Good thing you live in Baltic, every town needs a village idiot.

Finally! A mainstream magazine covers the Koch brothers teabagger funding

As South DaCola has discussed before, the Koch brothers have funneled millions into the teabagger movement;

The Kochs are longtime libertarians who believe in drastically lower personal and corporate taxes, minimal social services for the needy, and much less oversight of industry—especially environmental regulation.

This is a fantastic article. I encourage every teabagger to read it, and to learn where their movement got started. Not on the backporch of some hillbilly pissed off at the government. It got started by a check from a couple of billionaire silver spoons who look down on people like you. You are merely chess pieces in their game.

Tea Party Jesus (H/T – Angry Guy)


Rand Paul wins by over 59% of the vote in Kentucky

This will have ramifications. As I told someone tonight, “Will he follow thru on his teabagger promises?” Remember, Obama used the fringe left to get himself elected then forgot about them after he took office (That’s okay, Steve got a job suckering the ‘Good People’ of Sioux Falls into voting for Huether (you know, the guy with the gay agenda – Mike, not Steve). Will Rand remember the teabaggers?

In the first race called Tuesday night, conservative insurgent Rand Paul — son of former GOP presidential candidate and Texas Rep. Ron Paul — defeated Secretary of State Trey Grayson in a Republican primary fight for the seat held by retiring GOP Sen. Jim Bunning.