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Shawn ‘The Tornado’ Tornow, please, give it up already

Shawn and the big book of obstruction.

This guy really needs to hang it up. Shawn is running again for the legislature. There are several reasons why this guy needs to be banned from any form of public service ever again in his life. Here’s a few reasons;

Some of those facts became public between Tornow’s termination in 2010 and his public censure in 2013, which was investigated by the Bar and affirmed by the state Supreme Court.

While working for the city, Tornow mislead then-mayoral candidate Kermit Staggers about the existence of a recorded phone conversation and tried to get a speeding ticket for his adult daughter dismissed.
Don’t forget dragging out Dan Daily’s case for 7 years and ultimately losing.
Some people you just don’t trust to serve in the legislature because you have a gut feeling. But this guy has a track record. Fired from the city for fixing a ticket, lying to elected officials he is supposed to be serving and getting censured by the Supreme Court and State Bar. And you want to be in the legislature Shawn? Who would vote for this clown? Please Shawn, crawl back into that deep dark hole you came from and never return.

Former city attorney wants second chance


No this isn’t evidence, it is my cake recipe book

The same guy who tormented citizens over code enforcement (Drug out the Dan Daily case for 7 years), was terminated for trying to ‘fix’ a traffic violation for his child and was censured by the State Bar & SC wants a second chance;

A former assistant city attorney for Sioux Falls who walked out of an appeal hearing on his termination wants another chance to make his case.

The legal challenge is the latest in the four-year fallout from the firing of R. Shawn Tornow, a two-term state legislator who had been one of the longest-serving and controversial members of the city’s legal team.

Tornow oversaw the civil service board and became the public face of high-profile legal battles over code violations and the city’s now-defunct automated traffic cameras before his dismissal.

He also was the subject of a public rebuke from the state Supreme Court for dishonesty and abuse of power during his tenure.

On July 30, 2013, Tornow walked out of what was scheduled to be a two-day hearing with the city’s civil service board after it ruled that panelist Tom Nicholson did not have a conflict of interest and could make a fair decision in the case.

Nicholson was president of the State Bar of South Dakota when the Bar’s disciplinary board censured Tornow for ethical violations.

After Tornow’s walkout, the board issued a ruling that said he’d defaulted on claims of improper termination and given up the right to further hearings. They also charged him $900 for failure to stay.

While working for the city, Tornow mislead then-mayoral candidate Kermit Staggers about the existence of a recorded phone conversation and tried to get a speeding ticket for his adult daughter dismissed.

Tornow contends he was forced out hastily and contrary to city policy, but has never presented evidence to the civil service board or to a circuit court judge.

“Aren’t you trying to have your cake and eat it, too?” Riepel said.

Oh, Pat, we both know he likes to eat cake. I wonder if Tornow missed the semester or two in law school about ‘presenting evidence’ so you can argue your case? I think the city and county should go a step further and ban this disgrace of a municipal attorney from our city and county. Please, Shawn, go away, you have wasted enough tax dollars and time.

Bloggers as journalists?

“Let’s see here, I have three Whopper Jr’s, a Thune press release, a hidden server and STYX blaring on my stereo. I’m ready to blog!”

The Argus is at it again, asking if Bloggers are journalists. I ask the bigger question, are their journalists very good bloggers? Well, during the State Legislative session, David Montgomery had the most extensive coverage of any journalist of the session. Fair, balanced and accurate, but you didn’t read about it in the newspaper or even on their website, all of this very well balanced ‘reporting’ by a ‘journalist’ occurred on David’s BLOG.

Do I think I am a journalist? No. I prefer citizen advocate. I don’t have a degree in journalism, and I often misspell words and use poor grammar. But the main reason I don’t consider myself a journalist is because 1) I am not getting paid to write on my blog 2) I don’t consider what I do as writing ‘news’ stories. I see things happening, I get a couple of good sources, I ask questions. I also offer my opinion, which makes me more of an editorialist then anything (the main reason I started the blog to begin with).

I did get a kick out of the cast of characters rooted up for the Robo-call trial though;

He and several high-profile Republicans have been called by Willard as witnesses for the defense, along with Secretary of State Jason Gant, state senator Dan Lederman, and Tony Venhuizen, a senior adviser to Gov. Dennis Daugaard. (also Powers, Joel Arends and Shawn ‘The Tornado’ Tornow are involved).

Joel Arends VS. Shawn Tornow. Would love to see that Sh*t Show. I hope they don’t slip on each other’s slime. Then you have Powers as a ‘Journalist’ (I didn’t know publishing Thune and Noem press releases was considered ‘journalism’)

So do I agree with the judge that bloggers are journalists? I dunno?

The CENSURE of former city attorney, Shawn Tornow

Book Em’ Danno!

This censure has all the makings of a Greek tragedy (Document: Censure-Shawn-Tornado )

It has all the deception, hidden evidence, deleted recordings. I joked to a city public official yesterday that Tornow must of had a 4-HP Briggs and Stratton motor on his paper shredder.

It also has a band of characters;

David Fiddle-Faddle (who filed the complaint against Tornow)

Huether (who plays dumb about the Staggers ethics complaint (that part is interesting)

and several other characters and subplots.

It’s a sad read if you got an hour to waste.

Here’s some other fun reading about Tornado’s employment ‘history’ with the city;




One more reason why Shawn Tornow should be banned from public service

Just another knuckle dragger.

Not only does he know very little about the US Constitution, he apparently knows very little about evolution;

Tornow offered the sharpest criticism. The Common Core, assuming school districts across the country will teach the same things, “makes me very nervous,” he said.

“Quite honestly, I don’t care what they want to teach in California and New York when it comes to science. I don’t want to hear about their flawed theories of evolution.”

Yeah, who can believe we evolved from a monkey? Or are you still evolving?


Anon tip about the status of Shawn Tornow

No new news here, or anything revealing. Just more speculation.

I received an ANON tip today about what I said in this post.

Mike did answer one question for me (partially). Shawn Tornow has yet to have his civil service hearing. He did not tell me why there has been a delay, but he did reassure me that Tornow has not been receiving compensation or benefits since his dismissal. I joked that Tornow was the king of dragging things out. Which he did not have a response or even a smirk.

There is still people wondering if Tornow received some kind of severence. I don’t know. I do know the mayor did tell me this above and the city attorney confirmed it with a friend of mine a few days later and advised her to check with the clerk of courts because Tornow is suing the city for wrongful termination (or something like that).

I really don’t care how it turns out, but I hope the media covers it. The amount of hypocrisy this man must carry around must be pure agony for his back. To torture the very people who pay your wages then turn around and sue the taxpayers because you don’t think you should have been fired (for torturing the citizens) is so ludicrous I don’t even know where to begin.

I think this is attempt by Tornow to bring down others who participated in the code enforcement witch hunt, and he is just bitter he was the only one to be let go from his cushy job. I do agree with him on one level, there are still many people in the ranks that participated in the code enforcement debacle that should be sitting on the sideline with Tornow (or better yet a rubber room drooling on themselves). But I would assume they have a lot more Huether shit on their noses then Tornow did. I guess he should have been kissing ass instead of eating salty snacks.

Where are the records for Shawn Tornow’s dismissal?

I am still trying to figure out this mystery. I took another look at the civil service board’s agendas/minutes. I could find NO record of Shawn’s resignation or dismissal. Mind you, there is plenty of executive sessions, but I find it odd his name is not listed anywhere.

If you look at the minutes/agendas for 9/20/2010, 11/3/2010 and 1/5/2011 you can come up with some assumptions.

In the 9/20/2010 minutes/agenda there is no advertising listing for an assistant city attorney, but in the 11/3/2010 minutes/agenda there is.

Then in the 1/5/2011 minutes agenda there is a new hire

That would tell me that Tornow left sometime between 9/20/2010 & 11/3/2010. But there is no record of it.

So the question remains. Has he received his civil service hearing or not? Mr. Bengford replaced SOMEONE? Did he replace Tornow?

Kinda left in the dark when it comes to the termination of Shawn Tornow

I was checking the minutes and agenda of the civil service board for the city, and record keeping is kind of sparse. But there is a meeting next Wednesday. Hopefully the agenda will be posted before then.

My questions still remain. Is his termination final or is he still collecting a paycheck?

Is former city attorney Shawn Tornow’s termination final?

There has been information trickling into me about this matter over the past few weeks, but mostly I have more questions then answers, so I thought I would throw this one out there and see if anything sticks.

What we do know is that Shawn Tornow was terminated as an assistant city attorney by the Huether administration. But what is unclear is if that termination is final. Tornow was considered a civil service employee. Unlike a political appointee such as former city clerk, Debra Owen, when a civil service employee is terminated they are allowed to have a hearing if they so choose to dispute the termination . . . and this is where the questions begin.

• Is Tornow using ‘procedural artifices’ to delay his civil service board hearings?

• What would he gain by delaying this hearing?

• Could he still be receiving a salary and accrued seniority since his termination is not final?

• Could he be purposely delaying the hearing to continue to receive this pay?

• Does anyone know the status of his hearing and if he is still on the payroll?

Concerned citizens want to know – ASAP!

(not an actual video of Tornow)


To bad we can’t fire representative Tornow from the State Legislature

Well, he is not the only legislator with their head up their ass during this coffee, but he probably wins the prize. And he wonders why they canned him from the city;

Only Sen. Phyllis Heineman, R-Sioux Falls, and Rep. Jenna Haggar, I-Sioux Falls, aligned with Tornow, and Heineman simply said that a $127 million structural deficit was not sustainable and that eliminating it would require “tough sacrifice from everybody.” Haggar said only that legislators must focus on the future of schools and not a one-year budget problem.

Screw the ‘sacrifice’ talk. It is one of the stupidest arguments I have ever heard. We pay taxes for a reason. If you paid a mechanic to do a $500 tune-up on your car and he did a $300 tune-up and said, “That will get you by.” then charged you $500, how would you react? That’s how it seems with education funding. We continue to put our taxdollars into it, and the state turns around and robs the fund to pay for other crap. Education is an investment, when are you going to get it? Why not ‘sacrifice’ no-bid contractors?

Tornow predicted a cut of less than 10 percent, but he called Medicaid “socialized medicine” and insisted that “somebody has to pay for this.”

Yeah, genius, the people who have paid into it their entire freaking lives! It goes back to paying taxes. Do we pay taxes to benefit the general welfare of the public, or to benefit a few rich contractors? I think we know the answer to that question. Do you know the answer?

Legislators also differed on whether the state needed its own illegal immigration enforcement law.

“It creates a serious negative perception of the state when we are trying to draw people here,” Buhl said. Cutler worried that domestic violence victims would be reluctant to come forward if they feared they would be identified as illegal immigrants.

But Tornow felt the federal government needed a prod from states such as South Dakota to seriously enforce immigration laws, and Liss and Haggar are co-sponsors of House Bill 1198, written by Rep. Manny Steele, R-Sioux Falls, setting forth the state’s role in deterring illegal immigration.

A ‘prod’ from South Dakota? LMFAO! Yeah, because a lot of other states are a changing their ways because the state that ranks almost last in every category is doing something about illegal immigration from Mexico (even though we should be more worried about Canadians, oh, my mistake, they are white and speak English, so they are OK). I wouldn’t take legal advice on a national issue like this from fired and disgraced former city attorney Tornow, heck, I wouldn’t take legal advice from Tornow about even a speeding ticket.