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This censure has all the makings of a Greek tragedy (Document: Censure-Shawn-Tornado )

It has all the deception, hidden evidence, deleted recordings. I joked to a city public official yesterday that Tornow must of had a 4-HP Briggs and Stratton motor on his paper shredder.

It also has a band of characters;

David Fiddle-Faddle (who filed the complaint against Tornow)

Huether (who plays dumb about the Staggers ethics complaint (that part is interesting)

and several other characters and subplots.

It’s a sad read if you got an hour to waste.

Here’s some other fun reading about Tornado’s employment ‘history’ with the city;

3 Thoughts on “The CENSURE of former city attorney, Shawn Tornow

  1. anominous on August 10, 2013 at 4:38 pm said:

    There must be a Home Rule metaphor in here somewhere:

  2. Huether is kinda of a ‘Soft Drink Mix.’

  3. Miamigirl on August 17, 2013 at 2:09 pm said:

    Best news ever! Finally some Karma payback. RST is a crook. This bully lawyer is a liar. He represented our business and took us through the ringer.

    His total disregard for ethics with us was evident from the first day we went to him. Beware! He uses scare tactics to get you to give him a retainer and charges bogus fees,we were taken and awaiting our day in court.

    Hopefully, when we file with the SD Bar, the truth on how he takes care of his clients will be made public and this cancer to the judicial system will be put to rest and he can go back to the fast food industry where he belongs.

    A malicious and corupt neurotic berucrat. The very worst kind. Hey Shawn: Remember us Karma is a bitch.

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