The final financial reports are in from the city election

No big surprises. It looks like Walmart threw in only an additional $33,000 in the last week before the election. Some interesting notes to point out in the candidate races were that Kiley received only ONE individual contributions right before the election, $250 from Cindy Huether. Cindy  also gave $250 to Tex Golfing & Michelle Erpenbach. How convenient that she gave this late in the game, knowing her name wouldn’t appear on a financial report until after the election. I guess she learned well from her sneaky husband.

Mayor Huether also had some interesting contributors. From PAC’s he got $1500 from two separate Unions, Citigroup gave $500, John Morrell’s (Smithfield) gave $1000, and one of the more interesting of his PAC contributors was HDR Engineering, which gave $500. HDR does a boatload of consulting for the city planning office. A very strange donation to Christine Erickson was from Kyle Schoenfish (used to be a Democrat, and is the son of Mayor Huether’s first cousin) who gave $125. Still trying to figure that one out.


#1 Bruce on 06.13.14 at 2:44 pm

Apparently Cindy has the ethics of her husband. The games they play.

It will be interesting to study the finance reports.

#2 scott on 06.13.14 at 7:20 pm

I’m sure the ethics board will get right on this.

#3 Sioux Fallsian on 06.13.14 at 8:09 pm

Kyle Schoenfish and Christine Erickson both served as members of the State Legislature’s House Republican Caucus.