Melanie Bliss receives recognition, then tells it like it is.

Melanie Bliss has earned our admiration for her many years being involved in everything she has touched. Melanie does not just join an organization, she becomes the driving force.

Thank you Melanie!


#1 Dan Daily on 11.21.14 at 9:00 am

Bless you Melanie.
It’s a city embarrassment that 46% of children are subsidized lunch in our public schools. This alone, qualifies this city to not be considered a top ten city.
I’d not accept this award. The city budget is 330 million & the county is 65 million. The city has no welfare programs. The county provides all social programs. Its time to redirect city budget into the county.

Our City Emperor builds coliseums, nobility public baths, and elite tennis clubs while the homeless die in parking garage stairwells.

#2 JeniW on 11.23.14 at 10:04 pm

Dan, the death of the person who was homeless was not just the city’s fault, it was all of of our fault.

We know that there are people who are by choice or force who are homeless, but how many volunteers are there to roam the streets on the bitter cold days and nights to seek and find people who might be suffering? Including those who either hide in the stairwell, or try to seek shelter in the stairwell.

Someone must have seen her sometime and noticed that she was not dressed for the weather.

As a culture, we condone and encourage the use of alcohol, but we do not make sure that there enough resources to help people who decide to consume alcohol.

We (collectively) can dust off our hands and blame the city for everything bad that happens, then quietly go on to the next day without doing a thing. When another person dies, we can blame the city one more time.

#3 Wayne on 11.24.14 at 12:59 am

Melanie is a lovely person.