Events Center to replace existing lounge with ‘Club Cambria’?

I heard rumblings of this a few weeks back, and it is going before city council for approval (Item #11). While I am all for selling sponsorships, I don’t understand demolishing an existing lounge that tax payers already paid for something that really doesn’t look much different.

Remember, Cambria products are just like any other fabricated (fake) granite countertops, they all use the same manufacturing processes to make them, they just vary in color and design. It is the equivalent of changing the color of your house from polar white to eggshell white.

I also find the irony of replacing an existing lounge because of a sponsorship, but NOT replacing the siding because of the ‘politics’ of contracts.



#1 Dan Daily on 03.08.15 at 1:37 pm

Huh! The EC not even a year old and already redesigned. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for any part of this. Fix (redesign) the siding first.

Huether has less than 2 years for new projects to finish thwarting the city into a half billion bankruptcy.

#2 enough of Shape Places and MMM legacy on 03.08.15 at 4:58 pm

I think the Black Cambrian granite that is currently installed came out of the ground that way and is natural stone? Its a beautiful job, why on earth would anyone vote to rip it out and replace with man made for naming rights. Why don’t they have naming rights for the cracked concrete floor and sell walking paths through side walk art on the rest of the cracked floor. That way if you can’t afford or snag tickets, you could do mall walking in the place. Can you do that, or do you have to have a season ticket? Good grief

#3 Poly43 on 03.10.15 at 6:53 am

A person told me he went to the home show on Saturday. Said about a fourth of the parking was reserved for home show attendees, the rest for the summit tourney. Sounded about right till he said all the summit parking cost $10 a vehicle. Could that be true?

#4 Dan Daily on 03.10.15 at 11:59 am

Park at the airport & take a taxi to the EC except the airport is also underdesigned for parking. The city answer is propose a new parking ramp downtown where it’s not needed. Our next mayor will be elected for proposing fee parking garages where they’re needed and where (unlike the EC, Pavilion, & Water Feature) they’ll be profitable.

#5 l3wis on 03.10.15 at 2:43 pm

Poly – I guess they had leftover VIP parking, so they sold the spots to regular patrons for $10.

#6 Poly43 on 03.10.15 at 4:41 pm

My wife and I were driving by that gas station last Sunday on the corner of Russell and Kiwanis. I asked her to make a mental note of what the gas price was ($2.43). Then I asked her to conpare it to what it will on this Thursday when we drive by again. She asked why? I said because these prices are inflated to fleece the college kids during the tourney. Be it gas prices, $10 a car to park, $8.00 tap beers in the T. DENNY, there’s no better person that knows how to fleece college kids than mmm. His stint as marketing director for a fee harvesting CC operation is proof positive of that.

#7 Al Anon on 03.10.15 at 5:38 pm

What happened to “keep it local”?

#8 Oknor57 on 03.10.15 at 6:17 pm

Headed to the DENNY tonight for the Summit championship game, got 3 free tickets. I will make sure to gas up before I go poly, and If I have to pay to park, what the hell, tickets were free! Go BISON!

#9 Poly43 on 03.11.15 at 12:35 pm

ok57….enjoy your $8.00 watered down tap beers and all the hoopla that goes along with being SUMMIT LEAGUE CHAMPIONS!!! Big deal. In two weeks they’ll get to play a real division 1 basketball team. If I’m going to pay division 1 prices to watch basketball, I’m sure as hell not going to do it at the denny.