Does Mayor Huether think he is a Saint now?


What God would look like if he got his hair cut every 5 1/2 days and had a business acumen.

He recently changed his BIO (where he still doesn’t admit to previously being the chief salesman for the worst predatory credit card in the nation) but the last line got me to thinking;

In his “spare” time, Mayor Mike enjoys tennis, running, working outdoors, is an avid hunter, and creates as many God-given memories in life as possible.

First off, like how he put parentheses around the word spare. But my bigger question is how do you ‘create’ God given memories if God is giving them to you? I’m no literature or grammar major, but someone seems to have a saint complex.

*Also, correct me if I am wrong, but it seems his daughter has changed positions at Sanford.

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#1 Poly43 on 07.12.15 at 12:35 pm

If you lived on St. Charles Place, would you not think you’re Godly? God knows their streets are.