Should the City of Sioux Falls raise it’s minimum wage to $10 an hour

Commissioner Barth thinks so;

Under the Sioux Falls Charter Form of Government, the city can do anything not forbidden by state statute. Thus, Sioux Falls can and should raise the minimum wage within its municipal boundaries. There would be fewer families and kids depending on taxpayer and charitable assistance. Yes, it would cause a stir, but the free publicity would help send forth the word that “Sioux Falls has jobs” and that these jobs pay a living wage. Many employers are already paying $10 and up for entry-level-positions, so the effect on local employers would be minimal.

When Jeff first proposed this to me over a month ago, I kind of laughed to myself. But is it that far-fetched? I called Jeff the other day while driving past Mickey D’s? What did the marquee say? “Do you want to make $10 an hour?” WOW! Even the famous fast food joint is paying that as a starting wage in Sioux Falls. (for full disclosure I was making that much in 1989 at a McDonalds in Everett, WA as the summer night maintenance person – 25 years ago – and I got to wear some cool coveralls!).

It seems our city council has pulled up their boot straps lately. Wrangling in pool rates, a texting ban even free youth bus rides. Is it time for our legislative body to send a message to employers in this town? How about a message to Pierre? While we are quick to give away free things to the ‘poor kids’ how about giving them a ‘hand up’ instead.

I at least encourage the city council to look at the measure.


#1 rufus on 07.01.15 at 7:07 pm


#2 The Daily Spin on 07.02.15 at 9:41 am

You still can’t live on $10 after taxes & FICA. No wonder people live in parks and empty parking garages.

#3 OldSlewFoot on 07.02.15 at 12:12 pm

A single mom making $10/hr working 40 hr/wk is no longer eligible for SNAP and other benefits that would help her raise her child. If we assume she receives around $350/mo in benefits, she has to make $12/hr just to get back to where she was before the “generous” raise she might get by city decree.

And if they are going to raise it, why not raise it to $10.15. That is the basement level for Obamacare subsidies. The assumption is you are on Medicaid below that. Not the case in SD.

I might even be low on the benefits number. I have no knowledge of what income levels people can make and receive reduced rent housing, help with utilities, etc.

#4 Sxflls on 07.02.15 at 10:49 pm

If $10 is good, wouldn’t $50 be better?