The difference between Rapid City and Sioux Falls, well at least in perspective

Stormland TV gives me one thing, stark irony. First the new mayor of Rapid City comments on The Summer Nights Music Festival;

Despite some problems, Allender likes the way Summer Nights builds community.

“You can have a homeless person standing three feet away from a millionaire and they’re both enjoying the music and tapping their foot and maybe even talking,” he said. “I’ve never been to an event anywhere near that, that closeness and that bringing people together.”

Then there is Rob Joyce’s comments on JazzFest (he is the leader of SF Jazz & Blues Society);

“I step up on stage and I see young people, teenagers, young kids sitting with grandparents or sitting with people who are much older. And they’re all enjoying the same afternoon. They’re all enjoying the same music,” said Joyce.

Hey, but if you go walk along the Big Poo after dark to take a hit on a left-handed cigarette, you might find some homeless dancing (or sleeping). Millionaires not welcome.


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#1 The Daily Spin on 07.15.15 at 9:33 pm

People are a good time. Add a nice summer night and/or some good music and it’s a great time. Most millionaires want to blend. It’s often hard to tell wealth. Just hope Mike Huether doesn’t show up and destroy the atmosphere. Rapid downtown on weekends is also a nice environment. There’s freedom in the air and democracy we miss. Try it, you’ll like it. Makes it easier to come back to repression.

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