Update on the Orgami Swan sculpture


A friend posted on FB today asking what happened to the sculpture. I explained that it has been removed and put in storage until another spot can be found. The land at that location has been purchased. Councilor Kenny Anderson was kind enough to also post this;

Scott is correct the display is in storage and the city is looking at repairs that need to be completed before selecting a new location. Damage is extensive from what I was told.

I wonder what damage it has? And if that was sustained during it’s removal or if it has hail damage? I hope it doesn’t stay in hiding for several years like the Statue of David.


#1 enough of Shape Places and MMM legacy on 07.07.15 at 9:03 pm

Probably damage from the contractor who did it. If you don’t specify how to remove or to remove for salvage, the forklift guy will have a great time removing if told to get it off the property without consequence.

Too bad, it was a cool sculpture, maybe someone tried to refold the paper. LOL

#2 Helga on 07.07.15 at 10:33 pm

Great minds run in the same track, I was thinking the same thing and then you wrote it.
” I hope it doesn’t stay in hiding for several years like the Statue of David.”

#3 The Daily Spin on 07.08.15 at 12:21 pm

Each has their opinion. It’s ugly. Put it somewhere where taggers can have fun. Then, it might resemble art. Now, it’s blocks birds fly around because it doesn’t deserve their droppings.

#4 emmett on 07.08.15 at 4:01 pm

I like the thought of putting it in the empty grass area on the west side of the riverbank downtown, across from the new Hilton where the old parking garage used to be. That green space would be a good location for some art and possibly a picnic shelter or some nice landscaping.