Oh, we all ‘KNOW’ why Jason got his walking papers from state government, heck, if you grabbed a phone book from Pierre, pealed it open, slapped your finger down on any random person in the book and called them, they would know to.

Yet NO one in the media is willing to put it out there, I’m even too chickenshit to actually say why.

The bigger question is why doesn’t the Governor tell us why a guy who prepared our state budget for close to 14 years is no longer working for us. Yeah, he got his son-in-law to blubber out some statement that it didn’t have to do with actual numbers and stuff, but that it is was ‘personnel’ reasons. While (sorta) true, it still isn’t the tip of the iceberg, and the Gov knows it.

So why have I chosen to rip on this issue without telling you the very juicy deets. To be honest with you, I’m more annoyed by the hypocrisy of Denny on this issue then what really happened.

He claims South Dakotans were ‘hoodwinked’ into voting for an anti-corruption measure (IM 22) because he can’t believe South Dakotans would actually believe there is corruption in our state, but he can’t even give us a straight answer about terminating a top ranking cabinet member.

So before the governor is so quick to assume that South Dakotans actually trust our government to do the right thing all I have to say is EB-5 and Gear Up. Some of these players still work for state government, because I guess there is some kind of reward for resisting suicide or really SCREWING up.

Dennis, let’s talk about who is really ‘Hoodwinking’ South Dakotans.

By l3wis

11 thoughts on “Will Governor ‘Hoodwink’ ever tell us why he gave Jason Dilges the boot?”
  1. Q- What’s the second biggest group of hills in South Dakota?
    A- The lumps under the Republican rug of deception where embarrassing things are swept.

  2. Are you suggesting Dilges has committed a crime? If so, then there might be a need to know. It is not unusual for a person to lose his/her job and there be nothing said about it. I may have missed your printing your understanding of why he was removed. If you have not printed your understanding of why he was removed, then call any person in the phone book in Pierre, then do so and print it if you think you must. I do not see your need to know and commend the governor for keeping private matters private, unless there is broken law involved.

  3. Dugger, I wouldn’t say he committed a crime. Mainly because there are NO ethics laws in this state. That was my point. It seems people in Pierre can do anything unethical they want to without real repercussions. It’s similiar to when Pitty Patt left, Jackley investigated him for ‘stealing’. We never said he was ‘stealing’ anything. But his behavior of having a campaign consulting business while working for the SOS of state was unethical. Nothing happened to Pitty, because like I said, no ethics laws.

  4. Oh, and the irony of Jackley coming out today that he thinks an ethics commission would be a good idea.


  5. And since there is no broken law, it is none of your business. Maybe he was just incompetent in that job. Maybe he has an illness. Maybe the guv just does not like him. You either already know why he was removed or know how to find out. Some things are just better to be left private. If you want to have ethics laws, perhaps you could become a state rep or senator and get some of those things passed. Or back someone to do so. That is how things are done in a representative democracy.

  6. My feelings on a government employee are different then a private employee. And if it is true the Dilges got fired for what he did, it should be public knowledge, warts and all. He may not have cooked the books, but his behavior was unethical.

  7. Wonder what connection duggersd has to Dilges?

    As a long-term employee of the State of SD, Dilges would have simply resigned his position if it had been for personal reasons such as illness etc.

    As a result of being put on “indefinite administrative leave,” did he loose his state pension?

    So, as a public employee, if he did something unethical why is the state’s largest newspaper not onto this?

    I am a SD taxpayer who helped pay his salary and benefits all those years, I want to know why he was released.

  8. I have no connection to Mr. Dilges. I just believe it is none of our business. Some people just get their kicks from knowing about the misfortunes of others. How does knowing or not knowing why he is gone affect you? Apparently Mr. Lewis thinks he knows but lacks the cojones to print it. I just believe there are some things that are under the need to know column and some are not.
    Unethical is not necessarily unlawful. If you take a $100 bill from a person’s pocket, that is unlawful. If you someone drops a $100 bill and you pocket it rather than return it, that is unethical, but not necessarily unlawful. There are a lot of things that have a much bigger need to know than this.

  9. Sorry, Dugger, not buying it.

    First off, if it is true what happened, it was hardly a ‘misfortune’ it was a ‘choice’. Secondly, this didn’t happen between the Capital Janitor and the Capital cafeteria worker. Dilges was a Cabinet member and ran the budget for the state. Lastly, there is a way of telling folks why he was terminated without going into deep detail. I think saying it was ‘personal’ issues is just a cop out. The Governor’s office can tell us more then that without exposing other innocent people involved.

  10. he could not keep his pants zipped up… always left the office early with another female staff member in BFM….

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