Let’s take a close look at Sioux Falls Ambulance service options because REMSA didn’t. Med Star owner let us see inside their service on January 17, 2017 during the City Council meeting. The mayor was not feeling charitable with timing during the first one and then other presentations so Gary got to finish. By the way, compliment Gary on his fish. What’s wrong with hearing and seeing things you don’t want to?

The City Council “Leadership” wants to shut down the public’s right to share their knowledge with its members. There are rumblings and we catch snippets. There are members of this board and others who do not want to hear anything not put in their scripts. It’s a great thing we citizens elected a new direction for the Council in 2016. The problem is some of the leftover members do not believe in the citizen’s right to be involved in any public discussion because the public cannot be corralled. There are days we say, the 2018 election cannot get here fast enough.

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