South Dakota Dems working on the ‘Important Things’

I only stayed at the Minnehaha County Dems meeting last night for a few minutes. I showed up right when they were deciding what new protest signs to pick out. I think the favorite was. ‘We Shall Overcomb’.



#1 scott on 04.06.17 at 10:10 am

looks like an other 0 for 2018 again. keep up the good work dems!

#2 Legerdemain on 04.06.17 at 1:10 pm

How about a report from the next republican meeting. Let’s hear how they all think the president, and congress are doing a bang up job. Certainly they will pat themselves on the back for foisting such fine leadership on the US of A.

#3 l3wis on 04.06.17 at 2:21 pm

No need to help the RepubliKKKans. They are already winning. The Dems should be out recruiting candidates and getting more people registered to their party and not worrying about the next protest sign.

#4 Fluff Mc Fluffin on 04.06.17 at 4:05 pm

No no, keep up what you are doing. It’s working very well for you. Especially when you post stuff like “Hope Trump Fails”. Seems to me if Trump fails then America fails for four years or more. The problem with Dems is you can’t see past your nose. This isn’t about bragging rights on Facebook that your party holds the Office, it’s about America as a whole, one nation, succeeding. All this division and fighting, which you and your party foster, is leading down a path we should not go as a nation. It’s not good for anyone. There is a difference between constructive debate and objections and fostering anarchy through obstructionism based solely on party lines.

#5 l3wis on 04.06.17 at 4:35 pm

I agree. If the Dems would just ignore how pathetic the Republicans are and offer solutions to fixing our country, they would start winning elections again. They sit and piss and moan in these meetings about how awful the opposite party is, then when they go to Pierre each year they vote with them.

#6 Emoluments Clause on 04.06.17 at 4:44 pm

There is so much I could say about this post both in criticism and defense of county party politics, but let me just say that since Trump’s election, that the attendance at these Democratic county meetings has more than doubled (Thanks Donald!). And a lot of new people have come forward to get involved in the Party and even to take some leadership positions, too… So hope is eternal with some new found substance in hand I must add….. and time will tell.

But your post reminded me also, with a chuckle, of a scene from the movie “Fahrenheit 9 11” involving the group Peace Fresno and their cookies:

FF: 59:21 thru 59:31

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the one who was in charge of the “Cookie to Bring” list for the next Minnehaha County meeting is no longer in a leadership position…. So I guess you are going to have to bring your own cookies to future county meetings from now on……If that is worthy of food for thought, that is…. (Sorry 😉 )…..

#7 Emoluments Clause on 04.06.17 at 4:50 pm


FF: 57:45 thru 59:31

#8 Sandman on 04.06.17 at 5:37 pm

“Important things”…like staying relevant in a state that has little use for liberal ideology. What a sad state that party is in. Come up with some real ideas that set yourself apart from the Pelosi cult. Then let’s talk.

#9 l3wis on 04.06.17 at 6:05 pm

You are correct, we certainly are not a ‘Liberal State’ but I do think we are quite purple. Remember, when you add up the indies with the dems, there are still more then registered Republicans. I think our voters are pretty ‘moderate’ and that shows when they vote for measures. It’s our state legislature that is a bunch of whack-a-doodle right wingers, and they proved that this past session. I have often told the Dems they need to show South Dakotans they represent their views, not that of the extreme Left or Right.

#10 Bruce on 04.07.17 at 8:24 am

Short of actually having a mission, having a monthly cookie party to be part of is important to whose who want to fight for the last crumbs in the box.

Get a grip South Dakota, the Democratic Party I have witnessed since the stupidity of 1974 is a continuing division. The district meeting I attended last Saturday was disgraceful. There should have been some working together but the losing side in one vote ran from the building so fast a camera couldn’t focus on their backsides. Are party meetings plus the stacking of districts with party officials a way to build an organization? If it is, then enjoy your little cookie parties. At the way way you are operating, the party wouldn’t need to bring more than one cookie for the last person attending.

All we can say is good luck on your party death march.

#11 Reliable Voter on 04.07.17 at 10:29 am

Clause: I have been told the attendance has increased, but it also sounds to me as though the group is becoming smaller – in terms of advocacy and interest. Is there anyone left who is interested in electing Democrats first? Any chance a pro-life Democrat could get support from the group? How about SHS?

#12 Emoluments Clause on 04.07.17 at 12:37 pm


To answer your first question, I believe the issue that you have identified “electing Democrats first” is not a new problem, but it becomes more exposed in the absence of leadership, credibility, and cover that would come from having Democrats who held statewide office contemporaneously with further Democratic activism.

Although, I am afraid that our Party, particularly at the county level, is increasingly developing more of an information format with PowerPoints, than an organization format designed to elect candidates. Many of the current leaders in the county party have done a good job of raising funds and then distributing them to candidates to give the appearance of organization, when really all that is been achieved is that perennial legislative candidates get their faces placed on Daktronics billboards every two years.

But at the same time, I think we may be expecting too much from county party politics. Twenty years ago, a Daschle staffer warned me against getting involved in county party politics. This staffer used words like “crazy” and “destructive” to describe party politics at the county level. However, now in the absence of elected statewide Democrat candidates and their organizations, we as Democrats are left with the Party as our only site of refuge for our political ideas, concerns, and activism. And thus, the weaknesses or limited capabilities of such an organization are more greatly exposed.

As to whether a pro-life Democrat could get support from the group. Well, I would say no, or at least not initially by most unless that pro-life Democrat had first won a primary fight with a pro-choice candidate to garner greater electable credibility.

I am pro-choice and would always support the pro-choice Democrat over a pro-life Democrat in any party primary myself. But I do believe supporters on both sides of this issue often use that issue out of convenience,when the real issue is a personality conflict or power fight between competing interests. If someone is going to bring this issue to the table of county party politics, or even state politics, then I think it is incumbent upon that person to not only promote that issue but to own it, and one of the ways you own it is to make sure you offer a full slate of Democratic candidates, who agree with you on this issue from dog catcher to governor. – and not just cherry pick your fights within the Party on this issue to your own personal political advantage.

In terms of SHS, what I find interesting is that many people who I would say were allied with Johnson/Weiland over SHS back in 2010 and 2014 are also some of the same people who have often entertained the idea of SHS running for governor in 2018. This reality expresses to me that the past battle royales between J/W and SHS were more about a power grab or a maintenance of a power base and not an ideological fight within the Party – which the public was often given the impression was the real issue at hand.

But with all this said, I hope all see my comments as constructive criticism from the peanut gallery at best. 😉 And we can only hope that some of the new blood, that has arrived recently at the county level, will take county party politics to a higher level of achievement or accomplishment and not just to more Daktronic billboards from a higher perch.

#13 The D@ily Spin on 04.07.17 at 10:10 pm

Ok, per the pic, democrats here can’t get behind the eight ball. However, try to not let the Republicans break and run the table. Put up some quarters. Who knows, RV and cubicle voters might guess instead of vote after a sugar and caffeine high.