More ‘Reruns’ at The Denty

Besides Garth doing 8 reruns of his show within a couple of weeks, it seems the reruns are starting to rear their head at The Denty;

Country singer Shania Twain will be returning to Sioux Falls during her 2018 “Now” tour.

Hey, I don’t have an issue with this, I mean, people still go to SkyForce games. Right? If it weren’t for Bill Cosby coming back to the Pavilion a dozen times or so, it may never had made a buck . . . wait, has it?

But honestly, I would like to see some more diverse entertainment. I just bought my first ticket to a show at The Denty, The Foo Fighters, and it was because a friend had an extra one to sell (I hate arena shows, but I don’t think the Foo Fighters are playing the Icon anytime soon).

I take issue with subsidizing the mortgage and maintenance on this building anyway, but if we are going to only use it for a large Grand Ole Opry it’s time we had a chat with management.


#1 LJL on 08.17.17 at 8:25 pm

You could bitch about a sunny day.

#2 l3wis on 08.17.17 at 8:32 pm

That’s why I am looking forward to the Eclipse 🙂

#3 The D@ily Spin on 08.18.17 at 11:31 am

Is Garth the new republican candidate for mayor? He’ll be in town a long time. I’ve heard it’s now 10 concerts. I’ll be in Thailand while my place is rented via tax free AirBNB.

#4 The D@ily Spin on 08.18.17 at 11:36 am

Just imagine how much pirate Uber drivers operating out of Larchwood, Worthington, and Sioux City are making.

#5 hornguy on 08.18.17 at 4:02 pm

You know you live in South Dakota, right? They’re just giving the people what they want. Warmed over acts that haven’t been relevant in over a decade.

You’ll see more current and diverse performers when the market data says your community is into being current and diverse.

#6 l3wis on 08.18.17 at 4:09 pm

HG, I totally get it. I just wish the Denty would take on more internal promotion of shows and experiment a little with different entertainment. You never know unless you try. You don’t have to sell out the EC every time to make a buck. Reminds of when the Pavilion was going to bring in Hank III and they asked him to do his entire show as roots country (Hank usually breaks his show up into covers (Hank Sr.) his own country/rock stuff and ends the show with punk/metal. His management laughed at them and basically said they would ‘ask’ Hank to do that, but he probably wouldn’t concede (he didn’t and didn’t come). There reasoning was they wanted to market the show to old foggies.

#7 Emoluments Clause on 08.18.17 at 4:46 pm

Oh, I don’t know. I always enjoyed a rerun of “The Rifleman,” when I was a kid. It came on just after Captain Eleven: