Still waiting for the year end financial report

Funny how the city couldn’t wait to release building permit numbers from 2017, but have been unusually silent on sales tax revenue collections. Oh that’s right, because you can’t collect taxes from city entities like counting public buildings to boost your numbers in building permits. My Bad.

But if you look at the through November numbers, we didn’t have a very stellar year;

Overall first two pennies were +1.8%, 3rd penny entertainment was at +2.2%, but you would think with all the sold out concerts at the Denty and conventions and events (like the soccer tournament) lodging would be up, it has been down -.08 from last year.

Besides the economy generally sucking in Sioux Falls and low wages, most of population growth over the past couple of years in SF has been from babymaking. Babies don’t work, and in a low wage economy like ours, more than likely a large percentage of them are ‘living off the system’. Also take into account that the Denty is a money vacuum that just sucks money out of our economy. Garth Brooks and Foo Fighters alone took $8 million within a couple of weeks.

No matter who the next mayor is, they will have no choice but to be frugal and prudent, the money isn’t coming in, and the credit card is maxed out.

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#1 The D@ily Spin on 01.12.18 at 10:53 am

It’s gonna be hard to recover from Huether.