Best Municipal Candidate Website; Nick Weiland (At-Large B)

So I have been looking at all of the candidates websites, and Nick’s is probably one of the BEST. While Nick may struggle with public speaking sometimes, if you read his campaign issues he really has a grasp on building a more progressive and transparent community.

He goes into great detail about building a greener community, transparent budgeting and communicating with the community.

No doubt Nick has a tough challenger in Erickson, but Christine’s record over the past two years has been anything but stellar. Besides the Mayor, Christine was the force behind the DT Parking Ramp and picking Legacy. She served on the RFQ committee.

It’s time for some new blood on the council and Nick would be a great addition.

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#1 mike gunn on 02.11.18 at 8:38 pm

I agree we need new blood. 2018 is time for real change