Why not make alcohol flavored cupcakes without alcohol?

All this hub-bub about fixing the laws so people can make cupcake frosting or other tasty desserts is worth the conversation. If for no other reason, for the fact that South Dakota’s laws on alcohol are way behind the times, including taxation. But the one thing I can’t figure out is why did this cupcake shop close?

Intoxibakes closed immediately, stopping online orders as they waited to work things out with city liquor licensors.

While I can understand the inconvenience of not being able to use alcohol temporarily, NOT sure why a cupcake business shut it’s doors until a fix is found. YOU MAKE CUPCAKES! CUPCAKES! Why not make regular non alcohol infused cupcakes until the law gets changed? Really!? There are several cupcake shops all over Sioux Falls that do it, and make it just fine.

I can understand though it would probably go against your business plan, but guess what, you can make all kinds of FAUX alcohol flavored baked goods using substitutes that have the same flavor qualities. There are substitutes for beer, champagne, brandy, Frangelico, coffee liqueur, etc, etc.

While I understand their frustration with Pierre, I think shutting down the business until it is fixed isn’t a real good business plan. Go make your cupcakes, and once our city officials and state legislators remove their heads from their butts, than you can go back to using the real deal.

Billy and Sally will never know the difference at their 6 year old birthday party.



#1 LJL on 02.22.18 at 1:22 pm

Cause this was local fake news. It’s just an excuse for why their cupcake business was a pancake.

#2 Anthony Renli on 02.23.18 at 11:01 am

If your business model relies on alcohol infused food, they you REALLY should make sure that whole liquor license thing is sorted out BEFORE you try to open your doors for business.
The fact that they were smart enough that they would only take orders from and deliver to people over 21 tells me that they really should have known better.

#3 LJL on 02.23.18 at 7:27 pm

Did you read the article Anthony?

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