The Sutton-Noem affair


Well after all the talking heads were done spewing their rhetoric, I figured it was time for me to weigh in on the Sutton/Noem debate and polling.

While the polling did surprise me, I still don’t know how Billie will be able to close a 97,000 vote gap (that’s how many more registered Republicans there are) even you eliminate the people who will choose not to vote and some of the independents it still is an enormous gap. I think Sutton COULD win, but the winning game plan should have started 90 days ago when Kristi was horsing around in DC. The Dems do this to themselves all the time, they keep using the same strategy over and over and expecting different results. I still give the win to Noem by at least 53-55%.

If Billie does pull this off, it will be by the skin of his teeth and it won’t be because of Dem leadership which has been losing registered voters hand over fist for several years now.

As for the debate, I thought it was tie, and NOT because either performed that well, they both just kind of went off the rails on different topics. I’m not sure if either one of them is prepared to run the state.


#1 D@ily Spin on 10.25.18 at 10:39 am

I’m on the fence. I’d like another choice. It disturbs me how Noem brought in Trump and big questionably illegal campaign funds. Also, her ads take what Sutton said out of context. At this point, I’ll vote for Sutton.

#2 Ljl on 10.25.18 at 1:15 pm

While I obviously don’t supported much of the democratic platform, I will pinch my nose and vote for Sutton.
I know he will be unable to change anything with a repub house and senate so my vote will be a wake up call to the leadership party to stop screwing around with bathrooms and dark room dealings.

I knew Kristi in high school and I know she’s not qualified. Shes taken the west river repubs for granted and she just might get herself Hillaried in this election

If you really want to stick it to her in tv ads Billy you should point out that Racota valley outfitters was built by the noems during the most lucrative farm subsidies years, and who has visited this farm during her time in DC.

#3 Can't Wait for Vinyl Taco on 10.25.18 at 4:33 pm

If Ljl is voting for Sutton, then Sutton will probably win…. No, I am serious….

I always thought this was a Noem 54 to 46 race, but there were alot of undecided male voters in that poll and I am afraid for misogynistic reasons they will probably all fold to Sutton.

In many ways, Noem is the incumbent in this race, too, given her greater notoriety, but if she is below 50%, as shown in this poll, then regardless, it is safe to say that almost all of the undecideds will fall to Sutton, which puts him in the mid fifty percentile, and at a level, then the constitutional offices come into play too…. We’ll see…..

#4 l3wis on 10.25.18 at 4:41 pm

I do agree with you that Sutton does have that going for him. Last night I told some friends that South Dakotans like to vote people out of office if they think they have been there ‘Long enough’. You can only climb so high on the ladder in the political world. Janklow & Pam Nelson probably have had the best staying power. I think some voters view Noem in this manner, long enough, let’s retire her.

#5 Cassette Taco on 10.25.18 at 4:48 pm

Pam Nelson needs to be inducted in the South Dakota Democratic Hall of Fame… She has lost two, but won many at all levels from school board, to statewide, the legislature, and county. And her longevity stretches back to the 70s when Kneip was governor; and her only two defeats came at the hands of two Sioux Falls mayors for some reason (Mayoral ’91 (White) and PUC ’02
(Hanson))….. #DefinitelyPam

#6 l3wis on 10.25.18 at 6:51 pm

Pam Nelson has been in public service for over 30 years.

What I found was she served 9 years in State House, 7 years in Senate, 4 years in the PUC and 12 years as County treasurer. I didn’t even include her time as a School Board Member and think maybe she was a city commissioner at one time? It could be 40 years? Pam help us out with your BIO. You could definately be the longest serving politician in State History!

#7 scott on 10.25.18 at 8:02 pm

my niece, who’s a senior in college, had a chance to work for the noem campaign in the primary. she said she was afraid that if noem lost jackley she’d be out of a job for the summer, but mostly didn’t take it because she didn’t like noem. this from a girl whose parents are staunch republicans.

#8 The Guy from Guernsey on 10.25.18 at 8:14 pm

Voter registration totals for the Dems place Billie at a disadvantage. But, included in these poll numbers are a good number of Republicans who will pull the lever for Sutton.
I am one of those Republicans. Reasons almost identical to those expressed by Ljl.
But, I won’t hold my nose. Those from the Republican party who have been elected to state office and legislature over the past 16-20 years have earned their way out of my 2018 vote for Governor and Attorney General.
Noem’s approach, attitude and tactics during the 1st debate earlier this week leaves me guilt-free and without compunction in casting my vote for Billie.

#9 Tile Taco on 10.25.18 at 8:17 pm

I believe Pam was first elected to the State House in ’84 and prior to that, I believe she served on the School Board. Then in ’88 she was elected to the State Senate, and then she served one 6 year term from ’97 until ’03 on the PUC, and she has been County Treasurer since ’04.

Mundt was in office from 1939 until 1973, but I am quite confident that Pam surpasses that….

#10 The Guy from Guernsey on 10.25.18 at 8:28 pm

To the point of misogyny as a factor in the race:
Lots of social media reactions during the debate were ‘negative’ toward Noem. The most numerous and ardent of those providing negative reactions were women. Ladies were especially offended by the offputting presence which Noem carried through the 1st debate.
There will be plenty of ladies foldiing their vote to Billie, IMO. Still might be misogyny.

#11 Parquet Taco on 10.25.18 at 9:30 pm

Correction: Tim Johnson was in public office from ’79 thru ’15…. He surpasses Mundt.

#12 Blasphemo on 10.26.18 at 6:38 am

The latest negative ad from the Noem campaign – featuring “Billie’s unidentified neighbors”, is one of the most repugnant negative campaign ads I’ve ever seen. The unsubstantiated opinions of the hayseeds in this message speak of Billie’s political party affiliation as if he were a card carrying Communist, his character as if he were a convicted felon, and his ethics as if he tortures kittens and pulls the legs off spiders. This is a revolting reflection on rural South Dakotans as petty, close minded pin heads – and as a rancher/farmer herself, NOEM’S ONE OF THEM! Noem is huddling with a camp of political operatives who have no soul. She deserves to lose based on this stunt alone.

#13 voter on 10.26.18 at 10:36 am

The smartest thing Sutton could do in these last few days leading up to the election is to pull all negative ads regarding Noem.

She hit a new low today with the ad using Sutton’s neighbors. She’s already done herself in with her own early absence, her arrogance and her negative ads.

#14 MP3 Taco on 10.26.18 at 12:38 pm

Noem’s new ad is really bizarre. Are those really his neighbors, or just some actors?

I am still waiting for the Noem ad, where they have an actor dressed in doctor’s whites, wearing a black cowboy hat, and in sitting in a wheel chair, while the actor performs an abortion…. #IWouldNotPutItPassThem


#15 Warren Phear on 10.27.18 at 11:26 am

#16 Phonograph Taco on 10.27.18 at 1:24 pm


What is that Dusty says? Oh yeah, something about farm subsidies done right can be a pathway to independent farming….