Could NOEM be knocked off her pedestal?

In this story, Sutton pretty much sums up NOEM’s climb of nothingness;

It also helps that he’s a young politician who has stayed in South Dakota while his opponent is a congresswoman who has spent the last seven years casting votes in Congress ― a body that is not popular in any state. He has hammered Noem as an ambitious Washington insider who is running a campaign with money that she transferred from her federal campaign account. This was a practice that was banned in the referendum passed by voters in 2016 and reversed by the Republican Legislature almost immediately after.

“She’s just been climbing the ladder, one elected office at a time,” Sutton said.

She also has been pretty good at wearing trucker hats.


#1 Paul ElevenHaken on 11.03.18 at 2:31 pm

I didn’t realize that Billie Sutton was a youth pastor. Based on this picture he knows how to play the guitar terribly.

Either that or he’s “that guy” at the party. You know the parties where everyone is having a good time until someone brings out their acoustic guitar.

#2 Hope a DEM runs for GOV in '22 on 11.03.18 at 2:40 pm

Does “Cowboy Democrat” from the Huffington Post piece mean Republican? The reason I ask this question, is because the Sutton campaign sent out a post card to Republican voters last week that claimed Sutton was a person of faith (Even quoted the Bible (Many Democrats are of faith, but usually we don’t use our faith to get elected, because we tend to be inclusive and exclusive)), pro-gun (As Americans continue to be gunned down), pro-life (Accept that my “Republican runningmate” is not), proud of his most conservative voting record in the state legislature of any Democrat (Actually more conservative than the average Republican in Pierre*), and anti-tax (Even though he supported the raise of a regressive sales tax in 2016).

Then the slipside of this post card proclaimed his runningmate as “….Meet Republican Sioux Falls Business Leader ML…… Our Next Lieutenant Governor”…..”A longtime Republican”……”She knows how to run state government with the efficiency of a private sector business (Must be channeling some Huether here, huh?).”

Lets also not forget, that last week, the Sutton campaign admitted that Party does not matter, when they held a press conference with the theme: “Qualifications First Party Politics belong in the Backseat.”** Apparently, qualifications trump philosophy even when the qualifications can easily be placed in check by a given philosophy, if given the opportunity by political activists who are truly committed to something…

Folks, this gubernatorial race reminds of the 2010 Sioux Falls mayoral race…. And Democrats are being fooled once again…. Democrats need to stop being the girl who will do anything to get her man and get engaged, and start being the woman of confidence, which any man, or better yet, many voters will back and find credible…



#3 Rufusx on 11.04.18 at 9:55 am

Hope – Sutton appeals to the fastest growing segment of the electorate – the Independent – those who are disenamored of the red-shirts vs. blue shirts divide and conquer approach.

#4 LJL on 11.04.18 at 10:47 am

I really do believe we should let California succeed so folks like “Hope a Dem” could live their ideal life.

#5 Hope a DEM runs 4 GOV in '22 on 11.04.18 at 11:49 am

Those who enjoy the rise of the Independent are nothing but unknowning enablers of an eventual oligarchical reality.

The Constitution makes no mention of ‘Republican’ or ‘Democratic,’ but the genius of that document created such political institutions out of a necessity for the Constitution to survive; survive that is if one wishes to perfect overtime its true and or literal intentions.

Political parties, or the two major political parties in America today, when done right, are an evolved reality, or a political regulation, that guarantees both sides are heard and at times either side has the opportunity to lead.

If you destroy the two party system in this country, you will overtime further destroy the voice or voices of the people. How often have you heard the decry over the arrogance or indifference of non-partisan leadership, whether at city hall or at your local school board, and if that is such a reality, which it is, often, sadly, then how can one suggest a world of homogenetic political independence is a healthy one over time for all of our political institutions?

Now many will say that our current two party system is broken and in some ways it is, but the answer is to fix it as good Republicans and good Democrats, but not abandoned it for the mere whimsical hope that the grass is somehow greener on the other side or in the “Land of Independence.”

I have always felt that when done right, our two major political parties serve as designated drivers for Americans as a whole and definitely for the other political party, especially after the other political party has had too much fun with their majority; and if we destroy the two party system, and become nothing but a sea of independents, then whom will safely bring us home when some have had too much fun, where no political leader, in grace or not, has any true philosophical boundaries to maintain and guarantee to the masses some credible level of policy and governance?

So the phrase, “….All good men(women too) must come to the aid of their party,” has never had more relevance than today; and it is the duty of the leaders of our political parties to represent their party and not try to fool the other side or the masses in their attempt to garner power… So be a proud Republican, a proud Democrat, but do not try to be something that you are not, for such political folly is not good for our Constitution and for our politics in general, if you care about our country, our fundamental freedoms, and their survival….

#6 Hoping a Dem runs 4 GOV in '22 on 11.04.18 at 12:26 pm

Sorry LJL, I shall never leave my homeland, my native South Dakota. I shall forever fight the fight. I am not one to surrender, nor retreat…and nor should a political party…

#7 Travis on 11.05.18 at 7:20 pm

Seems odd that Sutton liked Bernie’s policies but voted for Hillary. But now he’s basically running as a gun loving, low tax conservative? So which is it? Quite a few viewpoints there. Is he trying to appeal to all sides? I like the discussion here, would like to know what folks think about this.