Is it time to allow ‘Open Drinking’ Downtown?

While I’m pushing for allowing patrons to bring their own beer to Levitt concerts, I have long advocated for ‘open drinking’ Downtown similar to what Austin, TX does in their entertainment district.

This is an interesting story on what they are doing in a small town in Georgia;

Three years ago, Atlanta-based developer Vantage Realty Partners LLC proposed an open-container ordinance in Duluth, Ga., where it developed a retail and entertainment complex called Parsons Alley in a historic district downtown. The ordinance passed this year.

“Every restaurant and retailer loved it. It increases their sales. Their customers don’t have to stay confined in their premises and can walk to the town green or fountain with a drink,” said Chris Carter, co-founder of Vantage Realty.

As with the Levitt BYOB idea, I’m not saying it should not be without restrictions. I think if the Levitt does allow BYOB it should be to a restricted viewing area and you should get an ID band proving you are of age.

The open drinking downtown would be a similar concept. My idea would be to allow it the first and second Fridays/Saturdays of each month June-September. The area would be limited to. I suggest just blocking off Phillips Avenue between 9th & 10th, 10th & 11th and 11th to 12th and allow traffic to still move West to East through downtown. You could only open drink in those areas and the alcohol providers could only give you plastic cups, bottles or aluminum cans, and you would have to have a ID bracelet.

I think it is something worth looking at. I know this past summer that the sidewalks were so crammed on First Fridays you could barely walk on them. Opening up this area would help a lot and bring a lot more business downtown.

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#1 Radio Taco on 11.09.18 at 5:41 pm

They should bring it back to Van Eps Park, too…..

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