E-Bikes Good, but let’s go a step further

A few years ago at a neighborhood meeting with former mayor Bucktooth & Bowlcut, David Z had a fantastic idea. Why not make the bike trail 24/7 instead of closing it at 10 PM. His argument was simple, many people use it as a form of transit. Many people work different hours in our community. With the proper lighting on bicycles, why can’t commuters use it 24/7?

I would like to take it further, and start installing solar lighting. The Parks department already plows the trail in the winter (thank you). So why not make it functional all the time? It should be explored.

I agree the E-Bike ordinance is a good idea, now let’s truly modernize our bike trail.

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#1 Taco Bar on 12.14.18 at 11:22 pm

Lights and 24/7 access could impact mountain lion migration, however.

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