Is the Lloyd Companies using city property as staging grounds?

I took the screenshots below of the construction site of Lloyd’s project, Cascade. It looks as though they are using Falls Park East as staging grounds. I wonder if they are leasing the property? Maybe they are?

While they did give us leftover dirt for the Levitt project (so they wouldn’t have to pay to haul it off). They also got a massive TIF for the project, and the taxpayers sat on the land for over a decade with NO property tax revenue coming in, and no good faith money, just a promise and a song. Hopefully they will re-seed before they pull up.


#1 Matthew Paulson on 12.14.18 at 8:47 pm

Wouldn’t the construction stuff over there be for Levitt at Falls?

#2 l3wis on 12.14.18 at 8:56 pm

Maybe, but with the staging ground being directly next to the Cascade, it only seems like that is what it is. Maybe I am wrong? I just ask the questions.

#3 Falls Park West on 12.15.18 at 9:32 am

Lloyd has been using Falls Park West for a staging area/employee parking for the Cascade property since its beginning.

A property on hold for years at the taxpayers’ expense, TIF, parking (I count 15 vehicles in your photo) and staging in a park that is considered the crown jewel of SF.

Another sweetheart deal between a local developer and City Hall.

#4 Warren Phear on 12.15.18 at 11:51 am

Drove by this site quite a few times this summer. It is staging and construction worker parking for cascade.

How many square feet of finished space are the homes we live in right now? Take that times 2 and you have the monthly rent for “living” at the cascades. From the cheapest 520 square foot studio to the 1600 sq ft behemoths that go for over $3400 a month. If that’s what it takes to be in with the in crowd, I’ll choose living in Lake County.

#5 anonymous on 12.15.18 at 3:30 pm

3400 x 12 = 40,800 a yr

How many of you pay that on your mortgage each year!!?

#6 Warren Phear on 12.15.18 at 6:40 pm

Cascade rental prices? Sooooo, so, so, in touch with the reality of what it is to live in best best little city in America.

#7 l3wis on 12.15.18 at 8:28 pm

Good thing they got that TIF otherwise there would be no affordable housing DT. LOL.

#8 Erica on 12.15.18 at 9:35 pm

A fool and his money are soon parted

#9 Taco Bar on 12.17.18 at 2:00 am

Has not the staging area created blight? If so, TIFs have become self-generating: