Belfrage’s Planned Cat Fight gets foiled

I was told a few days ago that Sioux Falls City Councilors Janet Brekke and Pat Starr were invited to come on Belfrage’s show next Tuesday. I guess yesterday, Belfrage asked for a change of plans, he wanted Erickson and Brekke to duke it out over ethics.

Brekke refused to participate in the matchup.

While some may say she is chickening out, I don’t see that way at all. First off, this process needs to go through the proper channels, the Ethics Commission, before having any public debates about it. Brekke asked a realistic ethics question, she is awaiting a hearing and an answer.

But secondly, I don’t think Janet is that naive. We know how Greg feels about Erickson and Mayor Selfie, he would have stacked the deck against Brekke, because let’s admit it, Greg likes Red Meat.

I have always had respect for Janet, but after hearing this revelation, it just got a lot greater. As for Greg, well you know how I feel about that putz.


#1 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 02.25.20 at 10:09 pm

Once again the right-wing elements of the media are trying to create news.

#2 Warren Phear on 02.26.20 at 4:41 pm

Good decision by Janet. I suspect from the time belfridge was in jr high he was the classic school yard bully. When he is confronted with the facts on his facebook page he simply hits the button that makes it so you cannot comment. I have not been able to comment in 5 years. IF you call in with a point he cannot argue with, he cuts you off, starts yelling and screaming, and hangs up before you can get a word in otherwise. Janet is not a bully, just someone armed with the truth. Not something belfridge will put up with.