Count Jensen Continues to Grasp at Straws when it comes to policy

In this day in age when politicians say one thing and do the exact opposite, it seems like the new norm. In a press release Jensen was bragging about the ‘business elite’ endorsements he received (because you know their vote counts more than yours – LOL) and said this;

As a city councilor, Alex will work to keep taxes low, while understanding the critical need to invest in the future.

While in the legislature, Alex voted for one of the highest sales tax increases in the history of the state, which has been a complete failure in supporting education and teacher pay, and has yet to be repealed or amended.

If Jensen gets on the city council, I expect him to do as the RS5 has done for several years, vote for large tax and fee increases at the detriment of the working Janes and Joes while the business elite (who endorsed him) enjoy their corporate welfare, tax breaks, taxpayer incentives and TIFs.

You can say you are going to keep taxes low, but your record says a different thing. Better wear garlic on election day.


#1 Warren Phear on 02.24.20 at 6:49 pm

If you like what the RS5 represents, then you’ll love this guy.

#2 Money Money, its a rich man's world on 02.25.20 at 7:58 am

Have you noticed the only thing Alex’s website stresses is collecting more money?

#3 D@ily Spin on 02.25.20 at 8:10 am

NO NEW TAXES. He says keep taxes low but invest in the future. Sounds like more bond debt.

#4 Steve on 02.25.20 at 4:33 pm

This Mayor wants to add him to the fold so he can ram more down the throat of the taxpayers. Like this city needs another puppet in the administration.

#5 The Guy from Guernsey on 02.25.20 at 9:07 pm

Just another gaffe by the ventriloquist puppet master who is running this campaign …

#6 "Woodstock" on 02.25.20 at 10:05 pm

“Grasping at straws?”….. “Maybe Latterell is trying to help, too”….