City of Sioux Falls Mayor TenHaken’s Deputy COS Resignation Comb Over

I’m sure TJ’s resignation was handled similar to the former Innovation Director’s, if you know what I mean.

T.J. got hired right after his angry rants on FB about liberals in which he used colorful language to describe them. His hack partisanship and deep hate for progressive ideas didn’t suit him well for public service in a non-partisan government. That is obvious.

After multiple demotions and being virtually invisible the past three months, the writing was on the wall. I was actually surprised that he lasted for 2 years. I figured he would be gone after 9 months. I’m sure there will be all kinds of rumors why he left and who he may go to work for. But let’s just say this probably wasn’t an accident.


#1 "Woodstock" on 06.12.20 at 10:06 pm

“But what city official will make fun of tornado victims on FB now?”

#2 D@ily Spin on 06.13.20 at 8:50 am

It’s looking like a Trump term. Replacements and resignations. No cabinet. Trump appoints blond women replacements. Try that.

#3 Pundit on 06.13.20 at 11:33 am

Pathetic brat. Another example of PTH’s poor judgement of personal character & professional qualifications. His bias that “younger & hip” are the end-all, be-all for a modern workforce lay bare his inexperience and lack of maturity.

#4 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 06.13.20 at 4:00 pm

Has anyone checked TJ’s file cabinet drawers?

#5 The Guy From Guernsey on 06.13.20 at 5:57 pm

Well … is anyone going to spill the tea? About the demotions which preceded the ‘resignation’?

#6 l3wis on 06.13.20 at 6:01 pm

Guy, I think I know why this happened, but like many things in the hopper, it needs to ferment.

#7 The Guy From Guernsey on 06.13.20 at 6:13 pm

The ’30-something, turning 40′ generation of “leaders” in Sioux Falls certainly contains more than its share of clunkers. Need I include the list?

#8 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 06.14.20 at 1:51 am

“Cash for Clunkers,” it’s how they raise money and get their people elected. Now, if only Greg would trade in his ’57 DeSoto with fins.