Mayor TenHaken tells us how lucky we are to have a Department of Innovation

Prophet Paul was at the Rotary meeting on Monday with his Director of Innovation and Technology.

After complaining about his back problems (which is starting to be a reoccurring theme which reminds me of the last mayor who would cry about his alcoholic father at every presser) he started to tell us we are so fortunate to have this new department that he created by rearranging some cool edgy words.

He wanted to give credit to our do nothing Senator Thune for helping to bring 5G here. I am sure it had little to do with the fact that John has gotten around a million in donations and reach arounds from the telecommunications industry. Mayor Stoneless also told us the reason 5G is going up so fast and furious in Sioux Falls is because we are not gouging them on rental and permitting fees. You know, because the cell phone companies can barely afford to stay above water.

He said he was tired of the misinformation spread about the negative health effects about 5G and blamed other countries spreading these lies because they are competing with us. He also said our FCC concluded that there were no negative health effects (you know, the studies conducted by the very industry insiders due to benefit from 5G – that’s not corrupt â˜¹ While I’m not sold there is massive negative health effects from 5G, I will say one thing for certain, it doesn’t work very well. That is why you have to stack these towers on top of each other, and if it is raining, good luck. The technology just isn’t that great. I think Thune-Bag and Prophet Stoneless are pushing 5G because they may be investing in it but we will never know because getting financial disclosure from these folks isn’t that easy since they love transparency so much.

One of Paul’s arguments for 5G is so potholes could detect themselves. No lie, he said that. How about making roads more innovative by building them better like they do in Germany?

Ironically, Paul likes to rave about innovation in his administration but still hasn’t figured out trickle down economics to welfare programs in tax rebates to wealthy developers doesn’t really trickle down to the rest of us in higher wages and better jobs, just higher property taxes. The only thing ‘innovative’ about Paul’s administration so far is that he possibly has helped himself and his friends get very rich by exploiting the city’s coffers for his wild eyed ideas about innovation and lack of transparency and public input. I guess any dictatorship can call themselves innovative, who is going to argue with them?

Sorry, I have to cut this post short, a pothole is calling me.


#1 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 02.02.21 at 7:51 pm

Our larger potholes – which have their own gift shops – can be seen from the International Space Station. Many may not know this, but the quarry near the county fair grounds started out as a pothole.

If the mayor’s back hurts, I’ve heard a Marilyn can help. 😉

#2 "Woodstock" on 02.02.21 at 7:53 pm

“Perhaps, he’ll throw his back out just before the annual Pride event this summer”….

#3 anominous on 02.02.21 at 10:05 pm

the second death star had a lot of them 5G poles

#4 Mike Lee Zitterich on 02.03.21 at 8:30 am

5 G was federally implemented by the Federal Government first, that is why you see the Fed’s paying for much of its infrastructure, and why they blocked much of the health hazards. Regardless how you feel about 5 G it is now here.

Lets also ask ourselves, why would the Federal Government choose to provide State’s and Cities large sums of money, if it will not benefit the Federal Government itself;

With the new age concept of Traffic Control Systems, Road Systems, Surveillance Systems, the looming Technology of “Smart Vehicles”, not to forget all the Smart Technology coming to our homes, phones, and all;

Much of this 5-G Software was part of the Agenda 21 Plan deriving from the United Nations itself.

Thru International Codes of land use, building codes, agriculture, residential, commercial – you will see an influx of “new technology” not only in our homes, but on our streets;

So the Mayor was right – we as a city will be able to monitor and assess our potholes from the confines of our workplace, homes, and the city offices themselves.

I do not think you can really blame our current mayor for this technology, let alone can we blame any one mayor for all sense and purpose; 5-G was coming regardless, it was a matter of how soon or how late.

Notice all the people so willing to place these ‘surveillance systems’ in their homes, connected to the police and fire and rescue governmental services. Yes, feeling safe may be a benefit to our families, but some of us are missing the most scary concept …

“Government” knows where we are at all times, they can see us in our homes, work place, on our roads, the technology gives them that right.

Not to mention – we have a few problems with a few countries whom love to interfere in our daily lives, our elections, our businesses, and are heavily invested in our country today, I think if you had taken the time to read Donald Trump’s Executive Order 13959 and 13971 – you may see a danger with allowing some of this technology in our lives today.

China – China comes to mind, not because what most of you think, but it was Donald Trump whom called them out, and cause the Biden’s are heavily vested in Chinese Businesses, of whom invest their profits into the Chinese Military Industrial Complex, which thru Defense Contractors, are fully invested in China’s Military, a Foreign Country wishing to hijack the United States, stealing our land, real property, and tangible property rights.

This is exactly what E.O #13959 was directed to, and why E.O #13971 was added on January 5, 2021. To stop the Chinese from interfering in our Country.

And in closing, the Internet was first established by Military Personal in order to manage, survey, and oversee the globe in order to spy, collect data, and control global events. And 5-G plays right into all of that.

You have to ask the question – Why is the Federal Government so happy to ‘fund’ the infrastructure to build the 5-G Network, what will they benefit from this?

– Mike Zitterich

#5 The Guy From Guernsey on 02.03.21 at 9:27 am

Speaking of products of Innovation, what is the timeline for an update on the Uber-style ONDemand transit system?

#6 l3wis on 02.03.21 at 10:56 am

GFG, he mentions in video, I think it will be piloted on Saturdays beginning in March. I think it will be dismal and costing us more then benefits. I still think changing the fixed route system would be better

#7 The Guy From Guernsey on 02.03.21 at 1:03 pm

Looking through your archives, I found that the Mayor had already proclaimed success from Innovation for the On-Demand transit model in a Jan 2020 AARP magazine feature. Proclaimed success for something which did not even exist at that time … and still doesn’t?!?!

#8 "Woodstock" on 02.03.21 at 4:48 pm

“What about MTG’s ‘Jewish Space Laser’ concern?”… “Does it play a part in this whole 5G thing, too?”…..

#9 Further Fear & Loathing on 02.03.21 at 4:52 pm

“‘Government’ knows where we are at all times, they can see us in our homes, work place, on our roads, the technology gives them that right.”

What? Tell me more. And did Roswell help with this technology? If true, shouldn’t Trump fear us more than Putin?

#10 Very Stable Genius on 02.04.21 at 11:28 am

What about a Department of Wages?