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5G is faster, if you have the right phone, software and are standing on top of the 5G antenna

‘Here is the church. Here is the steeple. Open the doors and see all the 5G Antennas.’

I busted up laughing when a reader sent me this photo of a cell phone tower on church property near Cliff and East 10th street (next to the old Bike Barn).

Mayor TenHaken says the telecoms are sick of the ‘West Coast Rat Race’ when it comes to 5G

Some interesting things are said in this video. Including the fact that I guess in the Midwest, elected leaders just bulldoze over the citizens when they want to get things done for big business. Mostly because we are one of the most secretive and corrupt states in the nation when it comes to governing. Don’t let Mayor Paul’s statements fool you, citizens had ZERO input when implementing 5G, and he knows it, and he loves it!

I will even admit, that I’m still on the fence if this is bad for us or good for us. My beef is how citizens were NOT consulted.

The Telecoms are Full of Crap!

I won’t get into whether or not 5G causes Cancer or if the Chinese are spying on us, my butt hurt over 5G has always been the lack of public input and involvement;

“Thanks to the outspoken, progressive leaders, the network will launch by the end of the year, making Sioux Falls one of the first cities in the nation with 5G technology,” a news release said.

The Sioux Falls City Council was titty-twisted into approving this, coming down from on high from Ironic Johnny Thune-Bag and his water boy Mayor TenHaken because of millions in lobbyist money.

The public was NEVER consulted on whether they wanted this, or needed it.

I almost threw up a little when they used the words ‘outspoken’ and ‘progressive’. There is nothing brave or liberal about implementing 5G without public input. In fact the whole basis of bold leadership is listening to the needs of the citizens. The way 5G was implemented in Sioux Falls was a farce, and it has nothing to do with progressive movements but more like capitalist tricks and capitalist welfare.

Isn’t this attractive?

The 5G towers are starting to go up downtown. This one is right in front of the Federal courthouse. I think I have randomly counted about 5 sites downtown (there may be more).

Mayor TenHaken rolls out 5G

I should probably be careful about posting about 5G, I don’t want the sheriff’s department to tear down my door and arrest me.

At first glance I was actually surprised this took so long;

Mayor Paul TenHaken today signed the first set of “small cell installation” agreements. Verizon will install “small cell technology” on city light poles and in city parks. The cells will expand bandwidth in high-volume areas and help the city to facilitate 5G in the future. No word yet on when the cells will be installed. 5G is the fifth generation of mobile broadband. It’s about 20 times faster than the current 4G.

As you may or may not know, a lawsuit was settled between the major telecoms over the false advertising of 5GE;

  Sprint and AT&T on Monday reached a settlement — characterized by both as “amicable” — over a lawsuit in which Sprint claimed its rival carrier used “numerous deceptive tactics to mislead consumers” with its “5G E” branding. 

The contention was that 5GE really isn’t ‘5G’ it’s just an upgraded version of 4G. But that is between the telecoms anyone dumb enough to believe the technology. But my other concern I have (which I had from the beginning) is if the neighborhoods will get fair warning before the antennas are installed? I have felt it should be like any other zoning issue, utility, within 500 feet of your home, a letter of notice should be sent, and their should be a public hearing. As we already know, the technology is really kind of untested on the effects it will have not just on health but visibility. It seems our mayor and city council have become patsies for John Thune and the FEDS.

Fantastic 5G protest in Spearfish, SD

UPDATE: California city has 4 public hearings on 5G before telling city council ‘Hold for now’

UPDATE: Notice Sioux Falls isn’t on this list? Hmm?

Hey, Paul, TJ and Erica, this is what transparent government looks like when the Feds have a cattle prod up your rear;

Amid concerns that federal mandates usurp local authority, the fight for control over the hardware that transmits wireless Internet has reached an impasse in Fairfax.

After the fourth public hearing before the Town Council this week — this one lasting more than three hours — council members said they need more time before adopting new regulations for the installation of wireless antennas used for the high-speed network called 5G.

“It’s a complicated issue,” Mayor Barbara Coler said after the Tuesday special meeting. “After we released our draft ordinance last week, we received a lot of public comment [Tuesday] that we needed to consider and review.”

How many public hearings did we have (that were NOT official readings in official meetings) before we let 5G roam free in Sioux Falls? ZERO.

I will say it again, you can only have open and transparent government by actually practicing open and transparent government.

Fiber-to-Home Networks much better than 5G

Communities across the country are doing the smart thing;

This is a list of citywide, municipal, Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) networks across the United States. Our Community Networks Map offers an interactive look at the many ways communities have improved Internet access with smart local investments. These communities have some of the best connectivity you can find in the entire country supporting strong local economies and a high quality of life to ensure they can thrive.

As you can see, just 40 minutes North of us, Brookings, SD has invested in this kind of network. Pretty astounding considering they don’t have an innovation department at city hall 🙂

This is really what Sioux Falls should be investing in. But when you have to carry water for Ironic Johnny Thune-Bag, these things happen.

Ironically, all of this can be done thru an Ethernet connection, ONLY 100x faster