Prophet Paul was at the Rotary meeting on Monday with his Director of Innovation and Technology.

After complaining about his back problems (which is starting to be a reoccurring theme which reminds me of the last mayor who would cry about his alcoholic father at every presser) he started to tell us we are so fortunate to have this new department that he created by rearranging some cool edgy words.

He wanted to give credit to our do nothing Senator Thune for helping to bring 5G here. I am sure it had little to do with the fact that John has gotten around a million in donations and reach arounds from the telecommunications industry. Mayor Stoneless also told us the reason 5G is going up so fast and furious in Sioux Falls is because we are not gouging them on rental and permitting fees. You know, because the cell phone companies can barely afford to stay above water.

He said he was tired of the misinformation spread about the negative health effects about 5G and blamed other countries spreading these lies because they are competing with us. He also said our FCC concluded that there were no negative health effects (you know, the studies conducted by the very industry insiders due to benefit from 5G – that’s not corrupt â˜¹ While I’m not sold there is massive negative health effects from 5G, I will say one thing for certain, it doesn’t work very well. That is why you have to stack these towers on top of each other, and if it is raining, good luck. The technology just isn’t that great. I think Thune-Bag and Prophet Stoneless are pushing 5G because they may be investing in it but we will never know because getting financial disclosure from these folks isn’t that easy since they love transparency so much.

One of Paul’s arguments for 5G is so potholes could detect themselves. No lie, he said that. How about making roads more innovative by building them better like they do in Germany?

Ironically, Paul likes to rave about innovation in his administration but still hasn’t figured out trickle down economics to welfare programs in tax rebates to wealthy developers doesn’t really trickle down to the rest of us in higher wages and better jobs, just higher property taxes. The only thing ‘innovative’ about Paul’s administration so far is that he possibly has helped himself and his friends get very rich by exploiting the city’s coffers for his wild eyed ideas about innovation and lack of transparency and public input. I guess any dictatorship can call themselves innovative, who is going to argue with them?

Sorry, I have to cut this post short, a pothole is calling me.

(FF: 32:00)

When I first read the Sioux Falls City Council agenda this past weekend I assumed this item that was worded as if NSP was just burying a line was just that, burying a line – not quite. If you read the entire document posted on SIRE, you still have no idea what it is except that NSP is subcontracting with Verizon. It wasn’t until a city official explaining the item last night that it was revealed that it was a ‘small cell tower’ and then admitted it was a 5G tower. They also said that it was presented to the McKennan Park neighborhood association meeting but failed to tell the council that there was very few people at the meeting. In other words, I doubt many neighbors of McKennan Park know that there was a 1st reading on putting a butt ugly 5G tower in their park.

No where in the ordinance is 5G even mentioned.

I have noticed that the city has become very deceptive lately with its agenda item language surrounding public works and planning/zoning items. Gee, I wonder why? Oh that’s right, because this administration and majority of the council HATE OPEN AND TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT.

I hope some of my close neighbors over in the park read this post and spread the word and voice their opposition to octopus tower at the 2nd reading.

I know I have asked this question in the past, and I continue to not get many answers from sources or the media. I have asked the local media on several levels to look into this. Crickets. I would think this would be very easy to look into with their resources.

Like I said, it is hard to connect the final dots, but I do know a couple of things that should be looked at;

• TenHaken’s father could have connections with his electrical supply company in Minnesota (I haven’t been able yet to prove he is supplying local contractors with 5G equipment).

• Is TenHaken investing in property that has 5G towers on it? (this is also a big question, because I am uncertain what property he owns and where these towers are going).

• Senator Thune helped TenHaken push this thru. It is a FACT that Thune has received over $1,000,000.00 dollars from the telecom industry in campaign donations. That speaks for itself.

Like I said, I’m having trouble putting the final puzzle pieces together and I beg our local media to start asking questions.

When some people question my question about 5G investment, I often tell them the same thing, “The previous mayor invested in developments thru his wife while he was mayor and you can’t tell me that our current mayor is living off of $100K a year and change with 4 dependents? He has ‘side’ investments, and I’m just curious what they are.”

So is the taxpayer’s investments in 5G in this community beneficial to them or beneficial to the man in the corner office? Good question.

I may be completely wrong, and I have been in the past, but unless we ask the questions and look into it we will never know. It would be even better if TenHaken would just disclose his possible connections.

I would love to see our lazy ass media in town to start asking those questions. Maybe they slip it in between the stories about rain sprinkles, food trucks and golf tournaments.

Am I the only one who finds it a bit ironic that PTH doesn’t have the time to hold a ‘regular’ press conference on the Bunker Ramp, where actual media and constituents can ask questions, but apparently has time to fly off to China, California, and now DC to testify in front of a Senate Committee (FF 31:30);

Many people have been questioning where the money is coming from to send him all over the place, but I ask a bigger question – is he running the city or is someone else? Remember, COS Beck has the executive authority to sign executive orders and paperwork for the mayor, it was one of the first things he granted her when he hired her. So are we paying the mayor to fly all over the place, or are we paying him to do the job he is supposed to do according to charter, which is to be the city manager. I totally understand you have to negotiate opportunities for the city (we will get to his 5G crap in a moment) but as a guy who is consistently talking about technology I want to ask him if he has ever heard of email, a cell phone, or SKYPE? Here’s a little insider baseball Paul; they are all a lot cheaper than jet fuel.

I still believe my conspiracy theory also that they are prepping TenHaken to run for Congress. I still think Rounds is NOT going to run, and Dusty will run for his seat, and TenHaken will run for Congress. His little ‘trip’ this week is just another indicator that Thune has taken him under his wing and preparing him for a statewide run.

Gag me with a gigantic shovel.

The guy has made mistake after mistake after mistake running the city. Heck, he can’t even figure out how to plow the streets or pick up trees. He does have one thing down though when it comes to being prepared for Congress – his lack of communication and interaction with constituents.

So why was PTH in DC? To brag about how he hosed constituents on 5G and ramrodded it thru with little interaction or participation from the public, heck he didn’t even fill in the city council;

“We want several more small cells as well as the entry of AT&T and T-Mobile small cells into our market. the strategy of Sioux falls for dealing with this was simple: cover our costs. as mayor, it’s not my intent to profit off carriers to deploy small cell infrastructure,” said Mayor TenHaken.

So how much 5G coverage do we really have in Sioux Falls? Just look at the map below. Basically only DTSF has it. So how will this ‘drive’ our technology in Sioux Falls if we only have it DT? It won’t, we are simply lab rats, as I always assumed we would be. Maybe PTH can fly somewhere to figure this out further, or send his Director of Innovative Drinking and Gambling figure it out? As Nancy Pelosi would say, “I pray for these people everyday.”

Here is a great article from August in the WSJ explaining why cities are fighting 5G;

But since then, the FCC has rolled out its 5G Fast plan requiring cities and states to approve new 5G antennas within 60 or 90 days. It also limits what government leaders can charge carriers for the real estate on which the new infrastructure will hang—be it a utility pole, streetlight or even building facade.

This was one of many arguments I had against 5G. Local government entities should have the right to charge a reasonable amount. The telecoms are going to make billions from the technology. Why shouldn’t the taxpayers who own the poles get a piece of that pie?

City leaders say their power to zone and regulate infrastructure is being abridged. More than 90 cities and counties have joined together in a lawsuit, currently before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, arguing that the FCC has overstepped its authority. A decision could happen as early as in the spring, but it could also take much longer.

Here was another concern. How can we allow a private industry to tell us where and how they are going to install their technology. Heck, in Sioux Falls, you even have to have a permit to ‘place’ a tool shed in your yard. And the telecoms will be spending millions to fight this – they could possibly drag this out so long that we will have 10G by the time it gets resolved.

This sort of thing could happen in other cities, despite FCC rules that say permits are automatically approved after 60 or 90 days, says Mr. Liccardo. “There are lots of ways for local bureaucracies to make it difficult even when the federal government says they must,” he adds.

Blair Levin, a fellow at the Brookings Institution and a former chief of staff for FCC chairman Reed Hundt, said, “What the wireless guys are asking is for cities to treat them totally different than every other entity asking for construction permits. I think it will backfire because, in the fullness of time, instead of a cooperative relationship you’ll get a hostile relationship.”

I don’t think we will have a ‘hostile relationship’ because I think most people want this – even though most don’t even know how it works. My issue is with how this got approved and the overreach of the Federal Government. But what is even sadder is that those who are supposed to be representing us, the Mayor, City attorney’s office and City Council rolled over like old dogs, and the mayor was out cheerleading the effort while his head was up Ironic Johnny Thune-Bag’s ass. I wonder if there was any room for the pom-poms?