Am I the only one who finds it a bit ironic that PTH doesn’t have the time to hold a ‘regular’ press conference on the Bunker Ramp, where actual media and constituents can ask questions, but apparently has time to fly off to China, California, and now DC to testify in front of a Senate Committee (FF 31:30);

Many people have been questioning where the money is coming from to send him all over the place, but I ask a bigger question – is he running the city or is someone else? Remember, COS Beck has the executive authority to sign executive orders and paperwork for the mayor, it was one of the first things he granted her when he hired her. So are we paying the mayor to fly all over the place, or are we paying him to do the job he is supposed to do according to charter, which is to be the city manager. I totally understand you have to negotiate opportunities for the city (we will get to his 5G crap in a moment) but as a guy who is consistently talking about technology I want to ask him if he has ever heard of email, a cell phone, or SKYPE? Here’s a little insider baseball Paul; they are all a lot cheaper than jet fuel.

I still believe my conspiracy theory also that they are prepping TenHaken to run for Congress. I still think Rounds is NOT going to run, and Dusty will run for his seat, and TenHaken will run for Congress. His little ‘trip’ this week is just another indicator that Thune has taken him under his wing and preparing him for a statewide run.

Gag me with a gigantic shovel.

The guy has made mistake after mistake after mistake running the city. Heck, he can’t even figure out how to plow the streets or pick up trees. He does have one thing down though when it comes to being prepared for Congress – his lack of communication and interaction with constituents.

So why was PTH in DC? To brag about how he hosed constituents on 5G and ramrodded it thru with little interaction or participation from the public, heck he didn’t even fill in the city council;

“We want several more small cells as well as the entry of AT&T and T-Mobile small cells into our market. the strategy of Sioux falls for dealing with this was simple: cover our costs. as mayor, it’s not my intent to profit off carriers to deploy small cell infrastructure,” said Mayor TenHaken.

So how much 5G coverage do we really have in Sioux Falls? Just look at the map below. Basically only DTSF has it. So how will this ‘drive’ our technology in Sioux Falls if we only have it DT? It won’t, we are simply lab rats, as I always assumed we would be. Maybe PTH can fly somewhere to figure this out further, or send his Director of Innovative Drinking and Gambling figure it out? As Nancy Pelosi would say, “I pray for these people everyday.”

By l3wis

13 thoughts on “Our 5G ‘Jet-Setting’ Mayor TenHaken”
  1. He’s the king, while Beck is the prime minister with TJ as the court jester.

    What is exciting about social media leadership is that it makes you feel good, it’s cheap, and you are given the impression that something is really getting done.

    While Huether has been “On the Road,” Pauly has been on the jet and rest of us, I guess, “ON IT.”

    When history writes of the American decline in the 21st Century, it will be greatly attributed to non substantive leadership, which existed through its sugar coated social media techniques and its open and closed collars and government.

    ( – and Woodstock adds: “I am just afraid he’s going to leave his only tie in some hotel room”…. #WhatWillHeDo?

  2. Once again, it’s proven that this Mayor could care less about the citizens. He’s too busy networking his future and looking for campaign donors.

  3. By the time TenHaken runs for a 2nd term, he’ll be touting 59 GHz (a suspected high frequency time travel dimension) connecting Sioux Falls with aliens in another universe. It’d be nice to have someone here to handle debt, crime, and infrastructure. Someone more focused on gum shoe miles than frequent flyer miles. Huether wanted to jump on the tail of a comet but nobody’d join him. TenHaken hired subordinates with a few years useful life so he can blame them for failure and move on to more Trump-like fame that’s just more BS. How do you impeach a mayor?

  4. 5G an amazing national sham which the cell companies are attempting the tax payer to fund and our small town mayor is trying desperately to be it’s poster child.

  5. Having been involved in the original engineering for cellular systems and some planning for the first two 900 mhz systems (OKC & KC), maybe it’s time for my comment on 5G. If you’re standing on top of the Shriners Building, you might be able to use 5G but don’t move. It’s line-of-sight and doesn’t hand off well with other sites. If you’re at 10th and Phillips, you have coverage but don’t move around the corner. Yes, it works but you must be stationary in a hot air balloon 500′ above street level downtown only. The city and Thune bought into this. It’s a bigger scam than a 10 year contract on the original Motorola Brick Phone from 1990.

  6. “The strategy of Sioux falls for dealing with this was simple: cover our costs. as mayor, it’s not my intent to profit off carriers to deploy small cell infrastructure,” said Mayor TenHaken.

    Now consider the mayor wanted to triple the franchise tax on cable customers.

    So our mayor doesn’t want any tax revenue from big cellular but is happy to stick it to cable companies.


  7. He is a puppet for NWO so of course he is going to be running for Congress. Hopefully enough people wake up in time to ensure he doesnt get the seat when he does.

  8. Telephone and power are for-profit utilities while government serves the public via nonprofit taxation. Giving away light pole space is controversial. This is a sophisticated way for cell carriers to demand antenna space without a lease. They know 5G will only take off in a few cities where data streaming is in demand (ie NYC for the stock market). Why should Sioux Falls be the operational test when we don’t need it and can’t afford the phones for it?

    If you give away space, there’s gonna be confederate flags on many light poles.

  9. A better idea is to paint light poles like candy canes and rename the city North Pole. Re-elect Santa Claus. Then these wish lists are dreams that don’t become parking ramps.

  10. LJL, tenhaken is not only trying to be a poster child for 5G,

    but, he, jason reisdorfer and erica beck are also trying to be poster children for the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative in throwing out the SF fixed-route bus system in favor of on-demand public transit.

    BTW, you did notice who was chairing the Congressional Committee tenhaken tesified before….

    his crony, John Thune!

  11. we can’t afford to plow the streets, but we can afford to give away free places to mount cell phone towers to verizon. i’m sure 10haken’s generosity will trickle down to us all in the form of lower cell phone bills. isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

  12. VSG – You have a VERY astute observation: “What is exciting about social media leadership is that it makes you feel good, it’s cheap, and you are given the impression that something is really getting done.” Just look at most of the “atta boy” comments PTH gets on social media. The vast majority are from women. He’s got the image down pat that just makes many commenters’ hearts go pity-pat at what a super dad/do-no-wrong handsome hubby he must be. By extension they buy into his PR machine spin of shepherding great things for SF. Like the old media adage says, “The masses are asses”.

  13. PD,

    It’s Eddie Bauer leadership, isn’t it? Or, better yet, Kardashian leadership.

    ( and Woodstock adds: “Note to my self: Pack one tie; three Eddie Bauer down vests; cellphone and charger, and an extra blazer for Jim Jordan”…. #DCHereICome )

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