Marc Murren is the best choice for the Sioux Falls School Board

In full disclosure, I don’t personally know anybody running for school board except the incumbent and I have not communicated by phone or email with any of the candidates.

The election is on May 18th and the Argus put out this handy little Q & A and BIOs.

I like the fact that Murren is a retired educator and coach. He also understands the importance of facing our biggest problems head on with input from our community;

What are the biggest issues you see facing the Sioux Falls School District today?
Murren: Poverty. Poverty creates great inequities for young people.

Nothing against the other people running, I’m sure they are fine folks but I like the life experiences of Murren and think that it is what makes him the most qualified for one of the two seats.

I may change my mind after watching the forum(s) but I think the first choice for school board is pretty cut and dry. Murren seems to realize our challenges, want to fix them, and knows the best way to do that is thru open and transparent governing.

I’m still mulling over who my second vote will go to.

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#1 Very Stable Genius on 04.21.21 at 11:50 pm

I find it interesting that Pizer is now interested in diversity based on his recent KELO interview. When he was on the Boundary Task Force, that was not one of his interests. Looking at subsidized meals is not diversity, rather its stereotyping, but he and others on the BTF seemed to be at peace with that approach.

He also told KELO last year, after the BTF had done its work, that the BTF had submitted its proposals to the Board for final decision, then the Board came up with a new proposal post the BTF hearings and then he led credence to that switcheroo by the Board. Pizer, although a good person, is an establishment candidate and that’s why I am inclined to support Murren as well.

However, I do plan to support Parker, although, a part of the Board, because she admitted during deliberations over the new school boundaries that she did look at race in making her boundary decisions, which was contrary to the position of the others on the board. Diversity is very, very important for the Board to consider going forward and for a school board candidate (Pizer) to all a sudden claim to be concerned about diversity, when they were not interested in it during the boundary considerations, does not cut the mustard with me.

So, I guess what I am really saying is that Murrren is needed new blood for the Board and Parker is the only true diversity candidate in my estimation.