UPDATE: Sioux Falls City CountCilor Jensen recuses himself on controversial apartment zoning

UPDATE: Supposedly Councilor Selberg should have recused himself from this vote also since the developer he is working for is considering investing in this project also. It’s hard to keep track of all the conflicts these councilors have.

Don’t get me wrong, he probably did the right thing, but he gave little explanation why he recused himself. He did site this city code;

30.017  VOTING PROCEDURE.   City council members may not abstain from voting, but may absent themselves from the meeting by physically leaving the meeting at the time an item is called by the clerk. Members with a financial interest in a matter shall disclose that interest and shall absent themselves from the meeting by physically leaving the meeting while the matter is considered.

In item #48 tonight at the city council meeting there was a controversial apartment zoning, the applicants are Cresten Capital Holdings. Without mentioning specific names, individuals investors in this group gave heavily to Jenson’s council campaign. Jensen also works for a bank that could be helping to fund this project.

Two great reasons to recuse himself.

The remaining seven councilors voted to move it to 2nd reading.

My only concern is the influence Jensen may have behind the scenes with planning staff and other councilors and one of the biggest reasons I opposed him on the council because of all the conflicts of interest he has financially with the city not only because of the bank he works for but deals like this.

Like I said, he did the right thing by recusing himself, but I would sure like an explanation from a councilor who bought his seat on this council with the very money he received from the investors in this project.


#1 Very Stable Genius on 04.20.21 at 11:50 pm

Isn’t he required by the ordinance to disclose that conflict, or is it one of those things where if we can’t prove his involvement then no disclosure is legally required? If the latter, it’s a Catch 22 for the citizens who are thus at the mercy of a politician for full transparency.

#2 D@ily Spin on 04.21.21 at 9:38 am

What’s important is he excused himself. Giving a reason could indirectly influence other council votes.

#3 Warren Phear on 04.21.21 at 9:27 pm

There is really only way to describe jenson.

#4 aren't they all on 04.22.21 at 8:16 am

really working for developers? with the exception of starr and brekke.

#5 Recusal on the Planning Commission on 04.22.21 at 1:36 pm

Eric Nyberg, Chair of the Planning Commission, also recused himself at the April Planning Commission Meeting.

Now, a sitting City Councilor also recuses himself on the same item.

This is very murky……

#6 rufusx on 04.23.21 at 12:08 pm

cite – citation
site – situation

#7 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 04.29.21 at 8:59 am

If an officer gives you a ticket, is that a citation or a situation? Maybe Snooki knows.