Sioux Falls CountCilor Jensen continues to push useless trickle-down policies when it comes to housing

You know what they say, even if you know your are wrong, never admit it, just dig in deeper. During the latest episode of Inside Town Hall in which Councilor Brekke tells us to eat more vegetables and drive electric cars, Jensen continues to push the narrative that if we just give contractors and developers even more tax breaks we will get more housing (he supports legislative proposals that would create entire neighborhood TIFs, instead of individual homeowners and a rebate of excise taxes to contractors). While at the same time promoting (low-wage) workers to live someplace else. When it comes to affordable and accessible housing, it starts at the bottom, not at the top. But not in Sioux Falls, hand all the TIFilicious goodies to the ones at the top hoping they will throw us some crumbs while spray painting the poorer neighborhoods sidewalks.

And why would we NOT think Alex’s plan wouldn’t work? He works at the number #1 bank in the Nation, and he had no problem advertising the place while appearing on a tax payer funded program. Actually surprised me because every time he sits on the dais at Carnegie he has no problem flaunting his SF City Council logo wear puffy vest we all paid for (even though I suggested they just all get magnetic badges instead). It must have been at the cleaners when he recorded this show so he had to wear his primary employer’s vest instead.


#1 Very Stable Genius on 12.04.21 at 2:48 pm

Instead of giving out TIFs to build houses, our political leaders should be saying to developers that if you want future TIFS, then start building affordable tract housing aside from your TIF dreams.

( and Woodstock adds: “Say, whatever happen to that 235 program, where a guy could put 235 down and then do some sweat equity, like painting and staining, to buy a house?”…. “Oh, that’s right, people can’t even wash their own cars anymore”…. )

#2 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 12.04.21 at 2:54 pm

Number one for what? Excessive monthly fees? Their new “skyscraper” blocks my view of Saint Joesph’s, too. It’s an omen. I wonder if their janitor heard those 28 rounds down the street? It’s been their neighborhood for sometime, however. I’d welcome them to the hood, but they have been a part of it for sometime.

#3 "Woodstock" on 12.04.21 at 2:59 pm

“‘…the hood’?”….. “I thought Munson cleaned that area up many years ago?”…. “Well, at least he got rid of those drunk and high loopers, and then replaced them with some drunk yuppies who are just looking for a dispensary”…..

#4 D@ily Spin on 12.04.21 at 6:08 pm

An answer for housing development is Ronning-Like tract home developers for neighboring cities. There’s not much land left in Sioux Falls. The city aligns with developers pushing out other construction with zoning formality. Homes inside city limits are inferior and expensive. Nearby cities would invite public stock home builders (ie. US Home) with fair, speedy, and equitable process.

#5 Erica on 12.04.21 at 8:18 pm

The city shouldnt be “partnering” with anyone to bring businesses and jobs in. They should be getting out of the way and allowing the local markets to decide what is and is not needed here. This city, state, and nation as a whole is beyond corrupt with the Government overreach and I am so over it. Screw both parties because the reality is its a uniparty and they are for themselves and NOT for the American citizens.

#6 Mike Lee Zitterich on 12.05.21 at 4:39 pm

Erica makes a excellent point, we have two kingdoms in America today. The Democrat kingdom vs Republican kingdom and all of us outside those two kingdoms.

They fight, bicker, and defend their core ideals, while convincing Americans to pick either side. Those who do not submit to either kingdom, are left out of the so called “Bread and Circus Trade System” of Tax Subsidies, Credits, Grants, and Monetary Funds.

Truth be told, both “kingdoms” are pushing us ever dangerously close to a “Feudal State System”. Perhaps this is what the Great Reset is all about. Reset America back to the days of LORDS and PEASANTS.

Could their goal be where we are a ONE STATE country, ruled by the lords aka Multi-National Corporations whom own all the land and real property, and their workers become the Peasants who reside within them.

Donald Trump got in the way of their little scheme, had to be dealth with by the so called “C.F.R” mafia bosses, whom gain their power and wealth from the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS who control the whole shin-dig.

We got to get back what set America ahead of all other countries, we got to “RESTORE THE REPUBLIC” where the People rule the country as Fifty (50) Sovereign People acting as 50 State Republics.

Perhaps we were better off under the Confederacy, aka acting under the 1781 Article’s of Confederation. It was this ‘document’ that said – Any Act as the collective United States was dependent on the majority of “States” voting such act, it even said, the Congress could not print money without the majority of States voting to do so, it could not even go to war without a Majority of State’s voting to do so. It also said – the STATES were responsible to ‘pay’ their Delegates to the National Congress. Meaning – Under the Confederacy, the State’s rule.