Either they have or it’s very close. In the consent agenda (Item #7 – Sub Item #12);

City Attorney, Engagement Agreement for Legal Services for Village on the River, Fuller, Williamson, Nelson & Preheim, LLP., $150,000.00

I do have a few concerns with this 1) It seems like a very large dollar amount for legal services to just draw up a settlement agreement and 2) I’m not sure the city has ever used this local law firm before.

So what is this? I have a couple of guesses;

• This was the developer’s law firm and they are getting a cut of the settlement OR the city has agreed to pay the developer’s legal fees as part of the settlement?

It will be interesting to see how much of this plays out in the public and media. Will we ever know what the settlement amount is to the developer? Will there be some kind of announcement? NOT HOLDING MY BREATH.

By l3wis

4 thoughts on “Has the City of Sioux Falls reached a settlement agreement with the Bunker Ramp?”
  1. Seems like legal finesse to make this matter go away. I’m wondering what will happen to it. It’s become the best example for Huether’s ego. It’s a tourist symbol like ‘David’ and ‘The Falls’. SAVE THE BUNKER RAMP

  2. There are seven attorneys at that firm. They all went to USD Law. #YourHonorIRestMyCase

  3. The day will come, perhaps, “someday”, when archaeologists will discover the Bunker Ramp and say: “WTF is this?”…. “Is it an early example of Post-Urban Renewal Fait Accompli?”…. “Or better yet, one of the finest examples of Early 21st Century Non-transparent Egotistic Underdevelopment?”

    ( and Woodstock adds: “Just imagine if the Roman Coliseum had been built with bad siding”… #WouldWeHaveEverKnownIt? )

  4. This massively overpriced project was approved by two mayors (Huether & TenHaken) along with their city councils. The city paid for an estimate that said $10 million will build a big parking ramp. Instead the city approved a smaller ramp for $21 million plus millions more later in design changes. This parking garage is corruption. We need to change election rules so politicians don’t have to sell out for campaign funds. Once they sell out, they build overpriced projects.

    David Z For Mayor

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