I will be in a joint exhibit with fellow editorial cartoonists in Sioux Falls during the month of August at the Horse Barn Arts Center at Falls Park. We will have a joint reception with the National Cartoonist Society’s show on Sunday, August 12 from 1-3 PM at the Barn.

John Daiker, Tim Benson, Jason Folkerts, Steve Sack, Wayne Stroot and others will be in the exhibit that starts tommorrow.


This will be my bonus cartoon for next week. It’s hard to get people to laugh at Governor Rounds since he is so popular. I just found it ironic that he still has stock in his insurance business, Fischer Rounds & Associates, and is working as a public official. Moore’s movie takes a pro-socialized medicine stance. Do you think a public official who owns an insurance business would support this kind of legislation?



The minimum wage piece was inspired by the outrageous number of stories of it’s impact on our state. What impact? Besides the guy who thinks his ice cream shop will go belly up, there isn’t much of one.

I watched the You Tube/CNN debates the other night. The humourous questions were better then the serious ones.


We are still not sure if Johnson is going to run or not. Personally I like him and think he is a great senator, I just thought his return date to be interesting. Unpublished.