Once against the Sports Authority and Event Center puddknockers stuck their nose where it does not belong with the SF school district. If you guys want to pay my property taxes I’ll let you decide what is done with Howard Wood otherwise go back to kissing Munson’s butt, golfing, watching football or whatever you do in your free time.

The district has budgeted $6.48 million for improvements to the field in 2010, Alberty said.

As you can see the money was already budgeted to make improvements. So what’s the holdup?

A proposal to build an events center in Sioux Falls put the stadium’s future in question last year.

Why? The school board should only be taking advice and suggestions from a couple groups, property tax payers and parents, not men in slick suits who get a boner everytime someone mentions ‘Vikings Training Camp’. Fix the field already, the EC is a pipe dream that is at least 5-7 years down the road.