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Looks like the NEW South Dakota GF&P Director will fit right in with Pierre politics of corruption


Kelly Hepler (Left) possibly thanking someone for a lobbying gift

Had to chuckle, shake my head, and let out a long sigh when I saw this story about our new director the other day;

Hepler, who has worked with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game since 1979, was among several public officials in Alaska accused in August of not reporting gifts from a lobbying organization known as the Kenai River Sportfishing Association, . . .
While he was let off on a technicality, it is still unknown what exactly he received as a gift. He is probably pretty happy about the fact that in SD, with our extremely closed state government, he won’t have to worry about getting busted for that kind of activity here. Accept as many gifts as you want, we will never know.

That is one big F’ing Elk!

My mother sent me this photo from the Parkston newspaper. One of my high school classmate’s wife, Judy Jackson, bagged this beauty. I don’t hunt, so most big white hunter and fisherman stories usually makes me yawn, but after seeing this picture, all I said was Holy Shit!

340-350 point, Six by six

I guess you have to put your name in a lottery even to get the opportunity to hunt elk in Custer State Park. Pretty cool.