Rob has accomplished a lot as Augie president. He could easily run for political office, and win. At 62, he could be weighing running for office as something to cross off his bucket list. Many retired people in high stature careers decide they want to serve the public after their successful private careers. More power to them.

Is Rob considering a mayoral run in 2018? Not sure, you would have to ask him. But there are some interesting factors if he decides to run.

It is no secret that Rob Oliver is close friends with Mayor Mike Huether, they are probably besties. That being said, an endorsement from Mike and even getting him to help with a mayoral campaign would be beneficial to him. I have always said Mike’s biggest accomplishment is getting elected after being a virtual nobody. Oliver isn’t a nobody and well known in the community. With the help of Huether he could be a real contender.

There is also the factor if Mayor Huether runs for governor or another higher office. He has hinted recently on the Greg Belfrage show that he may become an independent. It is no secret that Joe Lowe and Jeff Barth are seriously considering running on the Democratic ticket. It is also no secret that Jackley and Mickelson have already organized their campaign camps on the Republican side.

So what about the Huether camp? If he decides to run, will he want to challenge Lowe and Barth or go it alone as an independent?

The more I watch Huether over the past few months, it seems to me he isn’t running for higher office. I think he has loved being mayor, and wants to be mayor again. So how does he accomplish that? The rumor floating around is that since Mike is term limited, he couldn’t run again for 4 years, and he may be looking for a ‘place holder’ to run. That could be a lot of people. Anderson is seriously considering a run, Oliver could run and even Jim Entenman has been mentioned.

I’m not sure what Mike has planned, as a huge anti-transparency politician, he keeps his cards close, but some people close to him have mentioned to me, he may not be interested in the governorship.

Time will tell I guess because there is also the Noem factor. Maybe the secret is written on the tyvek behind the bent up siding on the Events Center? Now that is a conspiracy theory you can fun with.


I got word yesterday from a reliable source that Lowe said to him, “He’s not done.” In other words he still plans to be a part of this election cycle. Of course there has been talk he may run with Wismer as Lt. Governor, which wouldn’t be a bad gig, since Joe is pretty much retired. I would however like to see him run for SOS since the Dems don’t have anyone yet. I believe their convention is the end of June.

Go Joe!


If Joe can work with this guy, he can work with anyone.

Okay, obviously some of the things I am going to say are going to be pretty crazy, and let’s face it, I really don’t think the Democratic Party in SD is this smart to cook up such a plan. But who knows?

It’s been bothering me for a while WHY the Dems wanted to put up two candidates for governor, especially since Mr. Lowe was well on his way in his campaign before the established members of the party dug a NO name (to the common voter) out of nowhere, Susan Wismer.

Don’t get me wrong, Wismer has a great resume (personally I think she should be running for SOS)* But Joe Lowe is clearly far ahead of Wismer in the polls, he has experience in virtually all levels of government, he is a former state employee, he answers questions honestly and the edge he has over Denny is that he KNOWS him, Denny was his former boss. Lowe also used to be a part of the SD GOP.

So what is my theory?

Last night when Huether was being interviewed by Brian Allen of KSFY, Allen asked Mike if he was running for governor, he avoided the question but didn’t rule it out.

So I ask, are the Dems trying to put up a sure LOSER (Wismer) against Denny so that Huether has the opportunity to slide in 2018? No question it would be much easier for a Democrat to win in 4 years since there will be no incumbents.

What disappoints me about this scenario is that Joe Lowe is an amazing candidate, and very capable of winning (especially if he can get some traction on EB-5 and the Mette case/ foster kids from CHS). Not only that, if Lowe does win, I think he would be a great Governor who would be ready to do the job on day one and his experience with the GOP would make him very prepared to work with Republicans. In other words, Joe wouldn’t be a one term governor.

It also doesn’t hurt that indy candidate Mike Myers will really stir things up with the debates and the conversation leading up to the election.

*My theory gets stronger when you consider the fact that the Dems haven’t put anybody up for the SOS position, even when they have someone as qualified as Wismer. Plus with all the scandals with Gant and him dropping out, you would think the Dems would be ready to pounce on this position in state government.

Nope, seems once again the SD Dems are prepping for the next election instead of the current one, but I certainly wouldn’t accuse them of being ‘visionary’.


I had an amazing some experiences on Friday. Seeing contrasting politicians.

First, at Democratic Forum, where Democratic governor candidate, Joe Lowe captivated the crowd. A man who is funny, intelligent, and passionate about people. At one point saying,

“Aren’t Democrats good people? Don’t we have morals? Don’t we do good things and want to do good things for PEOPLE!?”

I watched as a man who could barely contain himself (he is Irish) work a room like no other. Then after the gig, invited me to an adult beverage meeting in the future (I’m game).

Don’t know who this Susan Wismer is, but she better find her 4-Leaf clover, and quick.

Mr. Jamison

Had a good chuckle last night as I was walking out of Lucky’s Pub to go next door to MESO. There is a sticker on Lucky’s door that says, ‘Jameson Whiskey’ and as I look over to MESO’s door, there is a ‘Jamison for Mayor’ sign.

Should have taken a picture, I guess.

I attended a silent auction for Greg Jamison. His mother is a very talented painter, and she offered her work. I will say this to my artist friends, while her stuff is not my ‘cup of tea’ she is actually very good, and reminiscent of Edward Hopper, but in a very colorful, DTSF kind of way.

I digress.

Greg gave a great talk about Sioux Falls and his goals, and said there is a ‘Disconnect between City Hall and the People’ to which I applauded.

It amazes me more then anything about the diversity of ideas in this city and state. I remember listening to my grandpa Carl talk about politics as a child and was fascinated with the arguments he would have with the locals in the Scotland corner bar (though I did not understand) over stale pretzels and tomato beers. Can SD bring itself back to those roots? Can we debate issues as adults without talking about education, guns or abortion?

We are good people. We want to do good things. Does our armband really matter?