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What Percentage does Make-A-Wish get from Hot Harley Nights?

It is a question I have been wanting to ask for awhile. And since Entenman has decided to use it as a campaign ‘plug’ I thought the question was a good one.

Over the past couple of years people who used to be involved with Make-a-Wish and Hot Harley nights have expressed frustration with J & L Harley-Davidson (Jim Entenman’s Family Business) with how proceeds from Hot Harley Nights are distributed.

LET’S MAKE IT CLEAR! Nobody has accused Jim or J & L with illegal activity OR fraud, that is NOT what this is about.

The concern has always been what is the percentage given to Make-a-Wish from the total proceeds. Obviously organizers with charity events keep a certain percentage for organizing the event and product/vendor costs. Those ratios can vary based on what the event is. Some fundraisers can take up to 60% or more of the proceeds for administrative reasons.

Then there are all the vendors that may benefit from such an event. Like merchandise or beverage providers.

Friends who have attended the event over the past decade have told me they are surprised MORE isn’t given to Make-a-Wish, especially with all the events going on, the amount of beer purchased at these events and merchandise sold, not just at the events but at the store.

I would be curious what percentage of proceeds (after costs are covered) is actually given to Make-a-Wish? Is Hot Harley Nights just a money making venture for J & L in the name of charity? Or is it fair and equitable for both of them?

Entenman, “Mayor Huether wants to be King.”

I about spit out my green tea this morning while I was watching the replay of DT Rotary Mayoral Debate from yesterday when Entenman said this during the debate. (You can find the debate by going to Downtown Sioux Falls Rotary FB page).

In all fairness Jim read a statement about how he will NOT be like Huether, is NOT a placeholder for Huether in 4 years and WILL NOT hire him as chief of staff, then later saying because Mike “Wants to be King.” The crowd erupted in laughter.

The funny part about the ‘rumors’ that I have posted about here didn’t come from my ass, they came from the horse’s mouth, or at least one of the show ponies. I heard about the placeholder/COS probability from someone who is actually helping Entenman with his campaign.

Depending on what place Jim comes in, that ranking won’t be the affect of some rumor, it will be the affect of either an affective or ineffective campaign team. According to the ‘King’ he is still popular with the voters, and I would think that association with him would help Jim.


Another interesting moment in the Rotary debate was when candidate Mike Gunn said that the mayor has put a ‘Gag Order’ on all city employees. I’m not sure if this is true, but let’s just say it wouldn’t surprise me. I am also not sure how that would even work? Executive order? And if that is even legal by state law standards. I would like to hear more about this, hopefully Gunn will be sharing the details.


I had a couple of people call me last night up in arms over the latest cover up by city hall;

Sioux Falls city officials are declining to release a copy of a 2016 safety audit of Falls Park, saying it belongs to the city’s insurance company.

First off, like the Gag Order revelation, does this surprise us? This guy will do anything to cover up information, and now that Fiddle-Faddle paddled his way over the Public Assurance Alliance, good luck getting any information out of them, even though both the city and the PAA are taxpayer funded.

My guess is that there were recommendations in the report the city didn’t follow thru with. Just like the rumor I heard that either the EPA or the State DENR told the city to put up a sign at Falls Park warning people about the high levels of E-Coli in the water, and did not.

Hold tight folks, this nightmare is soon coming to an end.

UPDATE: Chamber says Entenman a life-long resident of Sioux Falls

UPDATE: The Chamber made the error, not the Entenman Campaign.

As I have been telling people, it is often the ‘little’ things you have to pay attention to in campaigns. Details that candidates will try to slip by you.

I have noticed that Entenman’s campaign is built on a lot of spit balling and approximates. Like how he kind of just guessed that 2017 ended well financially for the city. Or that he has the intention to serve 8 years, even though he only did one term on the city council after his bucket list of the Event Center and BID tax was marked off the list. Seems he is learning from his buddy MMM who he would emulate as mayor, it’s NOT a lie if YOU believe it.

He claims in the Chamber interview he is a life long resident of Sioux Falls. Never mind the time he spent going to college in Aberdeen or the over 15 years he lived in Brandon. It’s kind of like a certain legislator from SD that lives in Texas most of the time.

Brandon isn’t a sub-division of Sioux Falls (they probably wish they were with all the water problems they are having) It’s actually a separate community with a different zip code.

Dell Rapids, Canton, Tea, Baltic  . . . Sioux Falls? Close enough.

How did Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate Entenman know how the city did financially in 2017?

In all fairness, Jim may have been guessing that 2017 ended better than expected. But I talked to a couple of other mayoral candidates today that were a little surprised that Jim brought up the fact the city ended the year just fine during the mayoral forum the other night. How does he know? The city council and the public haven’t seen those numbers yet. Did someone at city hall leak this important information to Jim?

Jim also talks about his candidacy on Jon Michaels’ Forum recently. I liked this tidbit from Todd’s blog;

And no, current Mayor Mike Huether is not going to be his chief of staff. Entenman said he plans to serve his full four or eight years if elected.

He said that Mike will NOT work for him in any capacity . . . at this point and doesn’t know what Mike’s plans are. He joked that he will probably be the LAST TO KNOW.


It was interesting that Jim brings up being on the Brandon city council for 15 years. That city is in bad shape when it comes to water infrastructure and other issues due to very poor planning.

Here’s is Todd’s interview

You can watch all of Todd’s candidate interviews HERE and all of Jon’s interviews HERE.


Entenman WORSE than Huether, TenHaken just like Huether

I enjoyed reading Paul TenHaken’s 2026 plan for the city. Would really like to meet the authors, maybe they should be running 🙂

What I’m finding more and more is TenHaken is running on the Huether platform and Entenman is running on Corporate Welfare platform (if you think Huether gave the farm away to developers, you wait).

While Paul’s plan has value, without government leadership skills he would run this city like Huether did. And that’s really scary. Government isn’t a business. It’s time the citizens of this city elect a government leader that offers the highest level of customer service with the best value. That person isn’t Jim or Paul. It’s time to embrace our citizens over the next 8 years, business will do just fine on it’s own.

Memory Lane with Huether

Wow. You would think Mike had only a few days left in his administration when listening to his interview this morning on Belfrage. We have 3 months left of listening to this guy patting himself on the back. Puke.

He reveals some interesting things. He compares himself to Janklow, which I agree is appropriate. Stepping all over the little guy to get things done while mysteriously making himself a multi-millionaire working in public service most of his life.

He also claims he doesn’t talk to a couple of councilors (Starr and Stehly) because they don’t accomplish anything. It’s his way of saying they stand up to him and his corrupt deals. Sometimes putting on the brakes accomplishes more than tying the citizens to bad deals. He goes on to saying he only needs 4 votes to accomplish things. Sad really. Or brags about vetoes.

Than he goes on to throw all the mayoral candidates under the bus (because he was so great, you know) especially Greg Jamison. C’mon Mike, you are not running for office, stay out it. Please.


Not sure if Jim’s face on a $60K+ truck will attract a lot of voters

I’m sure they came up with this genius campaign idea in Michael Bender’s board room.


Is Jim Entenman considering hiring Huether for the city finance director position?

I know I have been speculating for awhile now that Huether may work for Entenman as his chief of staff if Jim became mayor. But I had a revelation today that Entenman may want to hire him as the Finance Director instead.

As it stands right now, if a mayor resigns suddenly or dies the city finance director takes over until a special election is held. I could totally see Jim resigning after 2 years (Huether can’t run for mayor for two years) and Huether taking over until they can have a special election in which he will run in.

While having Corporate Welfare Diamond Jim Entenman as mayor is scary in itself, just imagine Huether as his finance director or chief of staff.

A vote for Jim is a vote to continue a Huether administration, GUARANTEED. End the Nightmare! Vote for anyone besides Jim.

Jim Entenman violates political sign codes

And this guy wants to run our city? Just like his good ol’ buddy Mike Huether, the rules don’t apply.

Not only did he violate two sign codes (early posting, and placing in right-of-way) he put the signs on his property.

DOC: Political-signs-2015

There is no doubt in my mind that Jim, like Huether, will break any rule to win, and it looks like he got an early start.

Loetscher takes a page from Stehly

When I have volunteered for petition drives, Benson’s was always a great place to talk with constituents. Too bad we couldn’t get Jim Entenman out of Michael Bender’s board room long enough to attend, he’s too busy talking about corporate handouts and welfare.

While Stehly has no intention of running for mayor, I bet if she announced on Monday she was running and on Tuesday the election was held, she would be the next mayor.

This is the kind of ‘business acumen’ and compassion you would get from a mayor Entenman

The Entenman family owns the Fargo Harley dealership mentioned in this story;

A former Harley-Davidson of Fargo employee says he was let go for buying a lower-priced motorcycle of the same brand from a different store than Fargo.

One of the store’s owners, Jimmy Entenman, did respond, but only to say the store can’t comment on any human resources or personnel matters.

I’m sure Jimmy was relying on that couple hundred dollars in commission to go towards his margarita fund during his month long family Mexican vacation.

It seems Jimmy is a chip off the old block. When I worked for a small printshop in the early 90’s, Jim got mad at us for not printing and mailing his newsletter in one day and told our manager to ‘fire all of us’ for refusing to do it. Nevermind it was a flood coat black ink that needs at least a day to dry before folding, tabbing and mailing.