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City Election Financial Fiasco & Paulson’s Piggybank & others

There is more to come as to why the candidate financials were not filed last week. Let’s just the city has a whole lotta excuses that don’t add up. They may even be in violation of state open records laws.

Expect more on that story in the coming week.

For now, we need to focus on the election. The financials magically started showing up this morning on the city website. Not sure if the city was playing a game of protecting ‘certain’ candidates financial reports from the media and public, but one of those reports is scattered with donors from the who’s who of Sioux Falls. (click to enlarge)


It is also worth noting that former city councilor, De Knudson gave money to any candidate that would oppose my four choices (the anti-Staggers clan).

Other notable oddities;

Tammy Fenner received a donation from Justin Johnson. Not sure if this is the same Mr. Johnson that owns several infamous bars and casinos throughout town and donates to legalizing marijuana attempts, but if it is, I found a self-proclaimed conservative Christian taking money from him a bit ‘odd’.


Selberg borrowed a couple of peeps from Paulson’s list to butter his bread.


Srstka got a sizable chunk from former Attorney General, Mark Meierhenry. Many people have asked me if Erin is related to judge Srstka, and I am not sure. But she also got a verbal endorsement from retiring circuit judge Pat Riepel on Friday at Dem Forum during announcements.


We will also talk about strategies after Tuesday, and how they matched up. It is pretty clear from viewing the financial reports how the candidates spent their money. After we see the winner’s circle Tuesday night, we will know which strategies worked.

One more throws their hat in the ring


Tammy knows she is a woman.

“As a woman and a minority, I can have conversations that other people don’t have,” said Enalls-Fenner, who identifies bi-racial.

Really. I talk to women and minorities every day, in fact I consider them good friends, not sure what conversations I am missing out on?

Take a look at Tammy’s website, not sure what she does, but all I can say is she is probably more qualified then most who sit on the panel. 🙂

This part peaked my interest;

Partner with like minded Christian Conservatives to educate them about their responsbility to participate in political issues.

Oh boy.