Oh Pitty-Patt, besides demeaning a candidate who actually decided to run for office the first time against a popular incumbent (Weiland actually got more votes than Loetscher) he decided he would spread more of his classic bull manure;

The closest of the major races had Janet Brekke, who ran a bizarre campaign at times, defeating John Paulson, whose campaign didn’t really seem to punch through the clutter.

Beating Paulson 56-44% is hardly ‘close’. Janet ran a strong campaign showing the lack of transparency in the current administration, her attorney and strategic planning skills and her ideas on fighting crime and cleaning up our core neighborhoods. Paulson ran the EXACT campaign he ran against Stehly, an election he lost. He also had his minions out grasping at straws with threats of sign compliance (John’s signs were out of compliance also) and sending petty emails complaining about who should be supporting who.

Janet won this race because she ran a better campaign and is a better candidate. Hands Down.

As I pointed out when he ran for city council last time;

So is Paulson NOT being transparent about his resume? Not at all, he did retire as VP of Administration, that much is true. But doesn’t it seem odd that a guy who started his career 30 years ago with SV/Sanford as a VP had to take another 26 years to get promoted to a similar position within the organization? Talk about coming full circle.

But this letter writer/supporter thinks that John may bring some civility back to the city council;

In response to the current political environment, I am supporting John Paulson for the at-large city council position in the 2018 Sioux Falls Municipal election. Paulson has an impressive resume as an administrator, planner and community volunteer. However, the characteristics I appreciate most about him are the ones that do not show up on a resume. His transparency, decency and respect for others make him a strong leader and are the characteristics that are much needed in today’s political climate.

As I have been stating over the past 7 years, there is ONLY one person responsible for the current ‘turmoil’ in city government, it’s the person sitting on all the secrets, Huether himself. No city councilor can ‘fix’ this problem. Hopefully after May 15, it will fix itself, and hopefully John won’t be sitting on the dais to take credit for it.