As I pointed out when he ran for city council last time;

So is Paulson NOT being transparent about his resume? Not at all, he did retire as VP of Administration, that much is true. But doesn’t it seem odd that a guy who started his career 30 years ago with SV/Sanford as a VP had to take another 26 years to get promoted to a similar position within the organization? Talk about coming full circle.

But this letter writer/supporter thinks that John may bring some civility back to the city council;

In response to the current political environment, I am supporting John Paulson for the at-large city council position in the 2018 Sioux Falls Municipal election. Paulson has an impressive resume as an administrator, planner and community volunteer. However, the characteristics I appreciate most about him are the ones that do not show up on a resume. His transparency, decency and respect for others make him a strong leader and are the characteristics that are much needed in today’s political climate.

As I have been stating over the past 7 years, there is ONLY one person responsible for the current ‘turmoil’ in city government, it’s the person sitting on all the secrets, Huether himself. No city councilor can ‘fix’ this problem. Hopefully after May 15, it will fix itself, and hopefully John won’t be sitting on the dais to take credit for it.

By l3wis

One thought on “Sioux Falls Council Candidate John Paulson’s resume isn’t that stellar”
  1. Scott,

    While I agree with you that Huether’s autocracy will end when he leaves office this spring, I disagree his departure will change the city administration’s heavy-handedness. The next Mayor will enjoy the same authority that the City’s Charter provides the Mayor’s office. And, while the next Mayor may try to restrain him or herself at first, that power will prove irresistible in the long-run. Our City charter provides little check on a Mayor and his bureaucracy. Remember, Mayor Munson acted without the council’s approval too and spent $4 million unauthorized without any consequence. The power of the Mayor should be reduced. The ability of council members to adequately and publicly review executive proposals and investigate administrative deeds should be enhanced. Public participation should be encouraged not discouraged. Right now city government appears to operate with only the most proforma over-sight by the public and their elected councilors.

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