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8 + years later, the city is finally selling land along Munson’s Folly to the Falls

“I told you if we built Phillips to the Falls, they would come. I think we need to put up a plaque to commemorate this moment!”

I know is is hard to believe, but after many years, a mayor almost having criminal charges filed against him and developers crying about contamination, Uptown at the Falls is finally going to be sold by the city;

Sioux Falls City officials say high demand for development has prompt them to issue redevelopment requests for proposals in the Uptown at the Falls area.

Sioux Falls City officials held a press conference Thursday morning to announce the redevelopment request for proposals (RFP). Thursday’s proposal is the first for redevelopment of City-owned property in the Uptown at the Falls area in more than five years.

City Director of Community Development Darrin Smith said it is an incredibly exciting time in downtown Sioux Falls with the demand for development at an all-time high.

“Inviting development on Phillips Avenue in the Uptown at the Falls area is the next step to realize the dream that many of us have had for years regarding this part of downtown. We can’t wait to see the proposals the development community comes forward with,” Smith said in a news release.

The City plans to issue additional RFPs for redevelopment in that area later this year.

The City currently owns approximately three acres on three parcels located along North Phillips Avenue that it plans to make available for redevelopment.

WTF took so damn long?!

Uptown at the Falls went from ‘The Jeffersons’ to ‘All in the Family’

What happened to Uptown at the Falls?

The Uptown at Falls Park project is a massive redevelopment of several blocks between Main and Phillips avenues and Second and Fifth streets announced in 2006 and touted as a vital step in reinvigorating the downtown area into a residential, shopping and entertainment district. Included in the development at the time as possible tenants were a 12-story hotel and a series of buildings that would include residential units, office and retail space, and entertainment venues such as restaurants and a small movie theater.

Oh, but that’s not what it will be;

An affordable senior housing complex could be the next project in the Uptown at Falls Park development and a step toward Mayor Mike Huether’s priority for further redevelopment in the downtown area and around Falls Park.

Funny how plans change when the movers and shakers in SF realize there are not movers or shakers in SF.

So are the Uptown developers going to finally buy the Phillips to the Falls land?

If I was a guessing man, that’s what I would think?

A preview of “a significant announcement related to downtown development” anchored the city’s weekly Listening and Learning Session on Saturday at the Whisk and Chop Cafe.

The session was focused on economic growth. Community Development Director Darrin Smith said that within two weeks, officials expect to be able to disclose a development to go hand-in-hand with existing plans that “will make 2011 and 2012 exciting years for downtown.”

Because just tearing down a parking ramp and building another one isn’t really ‘DT Development’.

Two components of economic development downtown are expanding parking and completing an ambitious redevelopment of the river greenway to make the Big Sioux River a focus.

Afterward, Smith said the undisclosed development neither precludes nor enhances prospects of a downtown events center.

Are they finally gonna break ground on Uptown at the Falls? We’ll see.

Boardwalk Falls

While we are on the topic of outdoor malls, this is something I suggested in 2007 instead of Uptown at Falls park. I was published in SCROUNGE Magazine.

(click on image to see it larger)

The real reason the ‘Uptown’ project has been delayed


Image; KELO-TV

Looks like someone from the Uptown project let the cat out of the bag;

“The next step is really figuring out where they go. Where those contaminated soils go in a way that’s environmentally friendly,” Fleming said.

Developers are working with local and state officials to resolve those issues, but building the Arches is also being held up by the ailing economy.

“We did have two tenants who decided to hold off a little bit due to the economy,” Fleming said.

I have a funny feeling this is more about the economy and not the contaminants. I think the development group used that as an excuse to hold off buying the land. I can guarantee, if they had enough tenants interested in the property, they would have bought and cleaned up that land a long time ago. As I reported a few months back, business development value is half of what it was last year. Contaminated dirt, yeah right. And the city taxpayers are left holding the bag, once again.